Friday, April 22, 2005

Claver Boy

Yesterday is he fifth day without mommy at school, he done very well job.

Yesterday morning at car, he still said dunwan go school.

Toddler : “mommy I dunwan go school.” *with crying face*
Mommy : “mommy will come and get you back when school over.”

Toddler : “mommy I dunwan go school.”
Mommy : “mommy want to go home see mei mei, mei mei cry at home want mommy.”

Toddler *thinking and blink his eyes* : “mommy go home see mei mei, afterward come and fetch boy boy.”
Mommy *I dunno why he suddenly says like that but I’m very happy to hear that* : “wah..cleaver boy.”

When he reach school he follow the teacher go to class, he say bye bye to me.

I promise him will bring him back so I go and fetch him. (cause the day before yesterday my IL go and fetch him, when he back from school to hug me and cried said mommy didn’t go school fetch him. Feel very sorry to hear that, from this case I know must keep promise to the kids).

He is happy to see me and didn’t cry anymore, and teacher said he did done very well job. I’m so happy to hear that and very proud of him, he is very good and claver boy.

That nite, he watches VCD next door and I pamper my daughters sleep. He open the door and said he want oioi (in hokian mean sleep) tomorrow go school, but today is public holiday so I told him tomorrow no school then one more day can go school.

This morning he weak up about 8.15 am and told me he want to go school. I told him again today no school, this is a holiday all kor kor jie jie no go to school. I think he like to go school very much, let me scare of few day dunno how to persuade him go to school.

Note : Yesterday blogspot down so I cant post up this post so the date will have some changes.


Jason said...

Boys will still be boys! Later, we will find that most of us dislike schooling. LOL. :P

Milly said...

wel...really happy to here i thinkhe can learn alot of things at skul...

i think he able to sing the Qdees good bye song lor... "i love my Qdees 's frens n now, v r goin home, good bye good bye v always kind n truth...goodbye, goodbye v always kind n truth..."


1+2mom said...

jason, dunno my son will be like you or not :P

milly, you really like Q-dees so much, why you quit your job?

invisible sheen said...

haha...ya...i think nex time he will be harder to bring to skool...enjoy while it last!

Carol said...

I used to love school when i was younger also..but after dat..errRr..alwayz skip class liao. LOL...Hope boy boy dun be like me. =P

Msau said...

I love to heard tat elder child sayang younger sis/bro ler..very wen hin..hehe..have he make friends in nursery liao? hope he getting knew them & play with them happily..

Douglas said...

your son are so smart hehe!!!

1+2mom said...

douglas,welcome here. Thankz.

msau, he make alot of friends there and when he go home he will said bye bye with them :)

Carol, i also like to skip my class when i was young :P I know he will do it some day :P

sheen, i know maybe later will be very hard to ask him go school but now he very enjoy.