Thursday, April 14, 2005

First day without mummy at school

Below is my son saying out with his hard, I just type it out on behalf of him.

Today was my third day to nursery, also the first day without mummy accompany me. The first 2 day were just fun and like this school very much, cant wait till the next day morning.

But today, it totally difference form the last 2 days. Mummy just went home and put me in this stranger place without her accompany me. I just start cried when mummy walk out from the class and teacher just catch me and wont let me follow my mummy go home.

Teacher persuades me give me some cookies and let me play outside the classroom. Sometime I join back the class and sometime I just miss my mummy and daddy then I will start cried again. Teacher persuades me again and the kakak there also accompany me to play at outside playground.

Wait..wait..wait till teacher bring all of us waiting mummy at the front door. I saw my mummy and I start cried again, I said bye bye to teacher and friends. Teacher asks me whether tomorrow want to come again I nod my head.

I dunno why I nod my head but I really dunwan go to school again. Tonite must tell mummy I dunwan go to school, I dunwan go kor kor jie jie there tomorrow.

Just now b4 bed, I told mummy I dunwan go school. Mummy asks me why? I told her I want mummy stay with me at school but mummy said all kor kor jie jie there also dun have mummy stay with them, they mummy will get them when school over.

I keep telling mummy dunwan go school, mummy said I naughty cause I always throw things, bit mei mei and dunwan hear mummy say. I told her I dunwan naughty, I dunwan throw things and I dunwan bit mei mei. I will keep all the things and I will listen what mummy tell me. I wont be naughty anymore so mummy wont send me to school again.

Mummy said :
Poor litter darling! Mummy has no choice but have to send you to school. Your daddy wants you to learn something new at the school. I know you got stress till went back from school told me that your stomach pain but just want us to pay attention to you, and you so manja us. If next year start school you will also like that, mummy has to give you go to school earlier cause teacher can pay more attention to you cause just you the only one new at there. Poor darling, mummy not dumps you at school but will pick you up after school over. Maybe let you try few more days then daddy mummy will decide whether give you continue or not. Be patient, just few more days.


Msau said...

I think most of toddler r like tat wan lor..still strange to their the place maa..later when they know more friends liao ahh...donwan to back home liao lor..hehee...

chrissy said...

wah!! you all scaring me leh :( but hor, i hope hope my J wont be like that lor :) last time, my nieces all gila gila wanna go to school but when really start sekolah that time, cry till no sound. very weird...

1+2mom said...

msau, i know that.You will feel guilty when he told you he dunwan go to school but you still want to send him to :(

chrissy, the time will come then you will know what happen lar :P

Tiuniasing said...

Kids are so real and innocent... They will tell whatever it is in their heart!!

Jason said...

I went to 3 kindergardens since I was 4. 1 is like day care center when I was 4 years old. I went to another kindergarden for proper "education" at the age of 4 and 5, and another (something methodist) at the age of 6 before entering standard 1.

I don't really remember I cried though! Serious! :) Damn, I am so independent at such a young age. Where is my childhood?? :(

invisible sheen said...

wei lee methodist skool jason...i went there too ;P
hey...reminds me a little bit of me... i think i cried, but i can't remember.

Milly said... the way,,,how u noe i'm a teacher at Qdees? isit u see my blog?? oh..ok then..ss2 Qdees...icic... erm... actually it all depends to the teacher how they teach lor... Qdees system is great..ur son is 3yrs old...all they learn now is the expressing lor...u noe got 1 book wif the word..they 1 kids to react... i think is useful to them...if ur son can very concentrate to the tecaher, is ok for him... n the 24books readrs good for them... i really will recomend to all parents here to join Qdees lor.. yeah...i'm young..really young...but just dunnoe y i can handle the kids..hehe... maybe i like kids much..n my voice like a kids...hahahah...!! okalr..tillhere..drop me a msg lar..if u wanna noe more bout Qdees