Monday, April 18, 2005

Dream Lover

Everyone sure got his/her dream lover, are your dream lover match with your real spouse? What did you expect your dream lover look like? Please share with us.

Mine dream lover is non smoker, alcohol drinker and gambler. I dun care what he look like but must hardworking to have better life for our family. My dream lover was appearing that was my 1+2dad.

He cares about me and loves me so much. He hardworking hope our family have a better life.

He dun like ppl smoke but has to smile the smoke from his boss, customer and friends. He drinks alcohol but not like kaki botol. He also forces to drink so much cause of business entertainment which is needed to give face to customer. Sometime in dinner also need to drink cause friends call. About the gambling, he just play when CNY. If go Genting casino, he just use RM 200 as base if all lose he will stop and if win about RM 100 to 200 he will also stop playing.

Will you disappoint if you’re another one was not as your dream lover?


Loc Kee said...

Wow congrate 1+2Mom you found your dream lover...
as for me i have no complain on Sweet sweet mummy, she is exactly the type i want. leng lui la :p most important, she put most of the effort in the fammily.

invisible sheen said...

congratulation too! i find my gf a very good girl,although sometimes her temper can flare...but i still sayang her..nobody's perferct rite?

Msau said...

For dreaming wan..I sure wan someone handsome laa..full of love laa..well, which superduper hard to find..
hmm..have I met my dream lover? hmm..I don't think so..hehe..But I'm met my Mr. Right liao...My mr. right love wat I am & how I am..and I love how he look (not a leng zhai with beer tummy somore) & wat he is (hardworking & resbonsile man )..

Jason said...

Very lucky loh 1+2mom! Jason gf pun tak ada yet. :(

1+2mom said...

jason, thank you you can get one soon or later dun worry :P

msau, nvm his not your dream lover but you had found your Mr.Right liao mar. Congratulation too!!

Sheen, yea no body perfect cause i also not a good temper lady :P

lockee, when will show your leng leng mommy??? congratulation too!!!

woolysusi said...

Does dream lover appear in real life? i hope so!! :) i think, you got ur dream lover and now he become your husband d... how lucky you are.. Congratulation.

Wish you ~Stay happy and happy forever~ 1+2 mom

1+2mom said...

woolysusi, welcome to my blog and thankz. You will get the mr right one day if he not your dream lover also nvm what.

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