Sunday, April 10, 2005

Who’s False?

Now a day many young girls get pregnant b4 married, are this human suck or moral suck?? Refer to old old day, where got so many this type of case will happen.

This girls very young get pregnant and the father dun have any economy support, how they alive. They sure will fight about the money every month, who to take care the baby?

Cause they still young dun have enough fun then got family liao, both of them sure argue who to go out with friend who to stay at home to take care the child.

One of them is my younger sister, she married on age of 19 yo. After married within a year we hear that she argue with her husband about the financial. Her husband changes so many jobs, every job he work on it within a month. My sis so headache about her husband dunwan find a job work properly.

Our family very headache about her, and we just give her advice that this husband she like so much and dunwan play safe till got baby now please dun blame so much. This husband even though we didn’t saw b4 then she got married liao. She just break with her boyfriend that we know about a month after that she told us she pregnant liao.

She got so many problems with her husband but they still dunwan play safe till got another baby. They still got financial problem, if got another baby they will surfer so much but she cant let this baby go.

For my opinion, girls should be like a piece of paper b4 married. I know some of the guy dun mine but will they really dun mine about his wife not so clean?? I dun think so. Maybe few years later when the time got arguing will it be a part of the reason?

Guys maybe can have sex with girlfriend but if wife they sure want the clean one lar. I dunno how about the guy opinion?


Tiuniasing said...

Not really... I once blamed one of my ex for her poor making skill!!

I hope my wife is an expert on bed kay... The pleasure is the most important for me.

I strongly believe that gurls with "lots of bf before", "pak tor experience", "dumped or being dumped record" is able to please a guy better, in the sense of having sex, teasing bf, consoling bf, and "teh" bf.... I always have fun when I'm with this kinda gurls!!

Jason said...

It contradicts right? Guys would want to deflower their girl friends but they want their wifes to be as clean as possible as if they are some angels that came down from heaven.

I have a few friends who alighted the bus first then only buy tickets. Too late, I don't know how well are they doing, but I did hear 1 or 2 complaining a little bit on financial issue and freedom issues. It happens usually the first time, deflowering woh, how can wear condoms?! No shiok lah! But never they realized, that night have left all the trouble to the 2.

Honestly, I am not really into pre-marriage sex, but I do not gurantee that I am able to make it. It depends, if I feel I am ready and willing to take the responsibility AND also with her approval, I might give it a try.

Msau said...

Not every guys will care about wife must be clean as plain paper b4 marry laa..actually is depends on the gal's character maa..u know? love is blind..If a guy really mind about this, I doubt is he really love her friend married with a divorced lady who has a 10 years old child, he never care about her pass..and now he have 2 child liao lor..

I think nowaday gals have to be smart when come to sex..guys don't wanna play safe then don't play laa..gals have the right to reject maa..u don't want who can force? force ahh..itu law case liao lor..

ic3_que3n said...

Sometimes you really wonder wat they thinking just for 1 nite of 'fun'? Then, whole life suffer. Worst of all, baby suffer from bad marriage.

For me, I dun believe that love is blind. I also dun belive tat guys dun mind if their gf got sex b4.

Msau, I think u're fren different case cause she married. Married women I think has a different 'market segment' lor. Some guys find married women more attractive, like wat TNS say!

Papi said...

That is why it's really important for the parents to educate their children. To make sure they understand the consequences. It's difficult, isn't it? Deep down u know they are going to do it, no matter what u tell them. But at the same time, we cannot tell them to do it safely, that would be encouraging them alredy.

I thnk I m gonna have this problem in 15 years time.... :(

1+2mom said...

Papi, me too i lagi scare cause i got 2 girls. Scare ppl rape them lar, scare ppl cheat them lar, scare so many things. I will suffer this in 15 years time also :(

ice_queen, yea i agree with you. The most suffer was the baby.

msau, your friend case is difference lar. They all old ppl liao, i talk about the teenager ler. They didnt married b4 but oledi had sex.

Jason, all the guy will think like that lar(responsibility) b4 they have sex but when the time is coming that will be the difference story lor then will be so many excuse ;)

tiuniasing, that mean you are not vergin lor you dun bleam ur wife next time but seem you like that kind of girls arent you not scare she got ADIS ar?

Loc Kee said...

me also dun mind that... as long as we feel happy when being together, who wana care the past? make urself suffer.

As for parent, educate and communicate is the most important. i want my sweet sweet always tell me or the mummy everything... hopefully la :>

Msau said...

no diferent laa..1+2mom, his wife drop into 1st marriage due to pregnancy oso maa..tat time only 17 / 18 laa...devorced was b'coz of married to young?? hehe..donno laa..maybe just not play enough or mature enough to held their marriage guaa...

1+2mom said...

loc kee, if next time ur daughter like that what would you do?

msau, you see i mean that. Your friend too young to married mostly will devorced maybe of the finance or freedom?

Tiuniasing said...

We've been educated, we all know all the protection procedures. Moreover, I am not asking them to have fuck with every guy they meet. I mean, I dun mind if they have several bfs before, I dun mind if they are not virgin anymore. I love her, not her virginity. It (her virginity) has nothing to do with me!!

Loc Kee said...

i will teach her fr the young quah... Na, say NO to people that don't wanto wear 'Plastic'!!
something like that lo....

1+2mom said...

tiuniasing,i understand what you mean. Some of the guy so good to her wife(she not virgin liao) but some really mine but they dun want to show it out :(

loc kee, LOL! you are really open mine father :P Maybe need to learn from the older which had this kind of experience b4 from now on liao.

ice_queen said...

lockee, easy for you to say now. Wait til your sweet2 grow 17. Then tat time only start scared.

BTW, plastic also can pecah.