Sunday, March 27, 2005

Toddler sometime so good to parents

My toddler sometime so good to us, let see the conversation below :

1+2dad : “boy, when we go shopping daddy buy toys for you ok?”
Toddler : “daddy dunwan buy toys, house got soooo many toys.”

1+2dad: “wah..boy boy so cleaver. You really dunwan daddy buys toys for you?”
Toddler : “daddy dunwan buy toys, afterward..afterward daddy no money buy McD (Mcdonald).”

1+2dad & 1+2mom*drop their specs* : “I though you so cleaver, dunwan play toys dunno you love McD very much.”
Toddler : “hehehehe..McD also got toys mar.”

1+2dad & 1+2mom *roll their eyes*

Sometime he so cute,

1+2mom : “boy, please dun swing the toys, afterward will hit mei mei.”
Toddler still doing pretend didn’t hear what mommy said.

1+2mom *using loud voice* : “boy, boy, please dun do it again, if not mommy take cane here.”
Toddler : “mommy dun take cane ar.”

1+2mom : “ok, you dunwan mommy bit you then you dun do that again.”
Toddler *with smiling face*: “mommy dun bit boy boy, afterward boy boy bit you ar.”

Other family member smile until wanna fall on the floor liao, 1+2mom face oledi dark.

Another time, toddler run down stair told maid.

Toddler : “kakak, you see boy boy so naughty this poils (spoil) liao.”
He shows the water color to maid, its break into 2 cause inside dry up easily break.

Kakak *smile* : “hehe,why spoil where is mommy?”
Toddler : “boy boy naughty lor.”

Kakak : “afterward mommy come and bit you.”
Toddler : “mommy up stair vacuum.”

Hehehe, sometime he talks so funny. You dunno want to angry him or wanna smile with him.

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