Friday, March 04, 2005

Carol first time say 2 pronouns word

Wah! Very happy Carol can say 2 pronouns word.

Every Saturday or Sunday I will back to my father house to visit him. I’ll bring along with the children so the grandfather can play with the grandchildren once a week, same as my younger sister. (My mum still at US so just leave my father and the elder sister at home, my younger sister she had married with one 17 months daughter).

My nephew just elder my daughters 3 months old, she know to pronouns ‘apple’. My father, sister and my son like to call her to speck that word.

Maybe Carol always heard they speck the word ‘apple’, last Sunday she try to follow my nephew.

The next day, we try to pursuit her to speck that word. Wow! Suddenly she can speck loud and clear. Now, if you as her follow you speck the word ‘apple’, she will follow you.

Hehe! Hope she can learn more word from her nephew and us so can like twinsmom house baby talk very funny.

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