Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Going Nap

Once upon an afternoon, toddler sitting at the bed watching his favorite VCD.

It’s time to nap,

1+2mom : “boy, its time to sleep.”
Toddler : “dunwan, I want to see cat cat.” *point to the tv*

1+2mom : “afterward you weakup mommy play again, ok?”
Toddler : “dunwan, I want see cat cat.” *start to cry*

1+2mom : “ok, ok, this one finish we go oi oi(sleep in hokien) ok?”
Toddler : *with his happy face and nod his head*

Few min later,

Toddler : “mommy, mommy, come come.”
1+2mom : “yes, boy.”

Toddler : “mommy, I want nian nian (milk) oi oi.”
1+2mom : “you really want nian nian oi oi?”

Toddler : *nod his head*
Toddler : “I want put milo.”
1+2mom : “ok, ok.”

1+2mom happy and go make milk for her toddler. She happy cause her son want to go oi oi by himself and no need her to call sooooooo many time then he go nap.

After 1+2mom make the milk and take to her toddler.

1+2mom : “boy, come go nian nian oi oi lor.”
Toddler : “I want drink nian nian here.” (at 1+2mom ILs room, cause the only room got vcd player)

1+2mom : “dunwan. You drink nian nian here, you dunwan go oi oi liao.”
Toddler : “I want see cat cat.”

1+2mom : *in hard* what lar, make me so happy though you want go oi oi. You very cleaver bluff me ar.

1+2mom : “finish nian nian go oi oi.” *start mad*
Toddler : *nod his head*
Toddler : “mommy, I want pillow.”

1+2mom : “aiya, you want so many thing hor. Go drink nian nian at your room, come.”
Toddler : “I want nian nian here.”

1+2mom : “oklar oklar, mommy go take pillow, wait.”
Toddler : *make the evil laugh*

1+2mom : *I’m the stupid mother, give the son play around. #$*&^%#*

It happens everyday now and on, dunno when will stop. Sometime the toddler will drive you crazy.

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