Thursday, March 24, 2005

My sis little puppy

Last Saturday went back to my father house and get some pic of my sis little puppy.The next day afternoon, 3 out of 4 was sending to the new owner.

Wanna blog about her doggie but dunno when the puppies were born,the sex and the name. So I call my middle sis to ask her about her puppy.

1+2mom : “wei, leng lui sorry to bother you so late.
Just wanna ask about your puppy.”

Sister : “why you wanna know about my puppy?”

1+2mom : “cause I wanna put your little puppy pic on my web lor.
Can show off mah.”

Sister : “ok,ok, what you wanna know?”

1+2mom : “how many months was your puppy now?”
Sister : “they about 7+ weeks.”

1+2mom : “how many male and female are they?”
Sister : “they all female.”

1+2mom : “errrr..what else can you tell me?”
Sister : “their type is calling Miniature Schnauzer.”
Sister : “their name is Louie,Twyekle,Carolbelle and Cloe.”
Sister : “their mother call Abbe and father call……… bla bla bla…”*1+2mom buzy jog down the note*
1+2mom : “ok,ok, enough liao. Thank you ar sis. Bye Bye.”

That all about my sis doggie, some more their grandparents are from Taiwan ler.

Below is my sis little puppy, very cute!

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