Sunday, March 13, 2005

Choose Love

So many ppl like to ask me whether I will choose love between my kids. My answer is I wont ! Cause all of them need me, I cant choose to love either one only and all of them are my children. As a parents shouldnt choose love, if the parents choose love, their kids wont be happy ever after.

My ILs also ask me the same questions, I gave the same answer to her. Why they ask such question? Izzit mother will choose to love one kid only, if yes why she don’t just have one child then get other?

I love all my kids, they are unique no one can replace the other one. They had difference character, reacting, talking, moving and ect..

Between my kid who are snatch the other toy I wont bother it is elder or younger I sure will ask back the toy and give back to whom just playing that toys. I will let the other party know that snatching is a bad habit and should ask b4 you take from the other or wait you turn.

I know my twins still young but they will understand if you repeat and repeat to tell them. My son too, if his sister snatch his toy he will shout for my help and I will get it back to him and if many there I will ask him to share with his sisters. For my girls, they sure used cry to get my attention lar, so I will told my son to give back the toy to her and wait his turn to play.

I know sometime kids will fight, but after that they can play together and happy. If you ask my son whether he want his sisters to give other ppl, he sure will protect his sisters that no one can get from him. For example, if I tell my son ”mommy will leave mei mei at gong gong house, can or not?” he sure will answer with crying face “dunwan, mommy go kelly(carry) mei mei!” Even though they always fight but they love each other, if one missing the other will find. My son always likes to ask where Carol or Carrie is if he dun sees either one.

I know very hard to be good mother, but I will try to not choose love. My ILs family, they choose love between my kids.

FIL : if my son cry he sure will run and see what happen to his grandson but if my daughters he will shout to me why no one hear the baby cry.

MIL : if my son want her to carry, sure she will do that but if my daughters she will tell them “I’m very busy now, marmar(grandmom) carry you later!” then walk away.

SIL : if my son she sure will attend him but my daughters she better cant see or hear them cry.

Haiz! Everyone in the house chooses love, I had told my hubby but my hubby said nvm we can give more love to them and dun border them.

I also know if #2 they get less attention and love from parents. My #2 sister and SIL they always complain about that. I know #1 child in family sure get more attention cause he/she is the first baby born in the family. #2 coming out, #1 wont get less love cause it usually get parents attention oledi. If get another that is #3 out, the #2 sure very charm cause #3 need more attention and #1 and #2 oledi grow can pay less attention so all the love goes to #3 liao.

Luckily I got #1 son we all love him and his is first son, grandson and great grandson in the family, sure get manja liao. And #2 #3 was a pair of twins so they are youngest in the family, I and hubby sure will love them too.

How about you all, if #2 in the family please give your opinion about your felling?

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