Sunday, March 20, 2005

Doraemon is here

Just back from Sunway Pyramid for the Doraemon live in Malaysia, my son very enjoys the show. Actually the Doraemon just have a dance and take photo with the children. My son love Doraemon very much, he got the entire Doraemon movie at home and must saw that vcd once a day.

We arrived at Sunway Pyramid about 12 pm, the parking lot quite free maybe it still early. We have our breakfast and lunch at McDonald, my son is playing around at the playground there.

About an hour later, we been to Toy City have a walk. Later we go to the Family Entertainment Park there have a look, we saw few girls playing the ParaParaDance there.

About 45 min more, we go to the stage and wait the show start. While we were waiting, they give out some balloons for the children. We get 3 of it, hehe.. I got 3 children mar!

2pm sharp, the show start! They playing the Doraemon song title and the Doraemon slowly walk to the stage and give us a dance. After that, he takes photo with the children one by one. This poor guy in the Doraemon just stay there about 15 min then he gone, really very hard to be a Doraemon. You can see the photo later, cause my hubby using the other pc(mine one dun have that program, will ask him to set up for me) so I cant download the photo to the computer.

Finally got the photo here.

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