Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tag : Award as ROCKing Mummy Blogger

Thanks for Anggie award this rocking mummy blogger to me, I’m so surprise and happy when I saw she tag me at the first place. Actually I’m not so good in blogging, just because I want to record down my kids milestone and I’m a type of very easy forgot something people so need this blog to remind me my family happiness and sadness.

I will pass this award to other mummies:

Huisia ~ I think someone already tag her but I still want to award her because she take most the affort for the PPP post and take care of her boy in the same time.

Yenlin ~ another mommy with 1 girl and a pair of twin’s boy that she managed by herself.
p/s : I had modify the reward from girl to mummy.


Mummy to QiQi said...

hi, chinnee from de'moments here. thanks for visiting my r so lucky to have a pair of twins!

1+2mom said...

mummy to qiqi,
hehe..thankz, yea really thank god to give me a pair of wonderful twins.

Huisia said...

woo..what an honour to me :)
now, i have to gradually stop my paid post as i totally don't have time to do posts and take care 2 kids at the same time :)

btw, just wanna to tell you, you need to put filler post in between your paid post, otherwise they will reject your post, especially when you doing your ppp

Anggie's journel said...

u r welcome ... yah u r right.. rockin' mummy blogger . :)

Anggie's journel said...

btw... r u staying at kajang ??

yenlin said...

thank you for awarding me! *touching*

1+2mom said...

thankz, i dunno about it.

anggie's journel,
keke..i 'kepo' go and change it.

you worth it.