Friday, July 20, 2007

Back dated post : 1U Jusco Sales

Last Thursday was 1 Utama Jusco member’s day sale; it was so many things were very cheap and so crowded too.

I, my son, my school principle and another teacher went there after school over. When we reached there all the parking lot wont allow the car to enter so we had to park to the open car ark near the new wing. Luckily that day was no traffic jam and the weather not so hot.

We had our lunch at KFC, after that we start our shopping and grapping things at Jusco department store. At the concord area it was so many branded luggage, handbag, wallet, etc had very cheap sale from 50% till 70%. I had grab 1 handbag for my own self and a man wallet for 1+2dad.

Next we shopping our own self and contact each other with hand phone, it much more easy cause we no need to wait each other. I and my son went into the Jusco, I saw many people grab the watch, so decided to go see. Aiks..dun see better, once see want to buy. I bought a cheap watch for casual wear, it just cost me RM 9.80.

After that we went to lady department to see some cloth. I get a pair of LadyLike jean and a short pant. So lucky not much people waiting for the fitting room, so I can try for that jean. If not I think I wont buy cause the promoter told me that the sale is for that day and if not suitable must change at the same day, like me is a lazy women I dun think will go back to change the size.

After paid the pants (that day were so many counters so no needed to wait a long queue) we went to my son favorite department store. – Toy department. We had bought a small piano, train set, cheap transformer and another bag. It just cost me about RM 30.00 for all the items that we bought at toy department.

At supermarket, it full of people and so crowded. The people waiting for payment at the counter were very long queue. I had to buy some mozzarella cheese, mushroom and diapers so need to wait that long queue. After paid the stuff, we head to the special counter to change the cash coupons. Every RM 100 we spend that day, we can change RM 10 cash voucher. Not bad huh, got discount some more got cash voucher.

That day from 12.30pm walk till 5.30pm, it was so tired and my leg was so pain. Once my son get into the car he already fall asleep. That day I had spend about RM 200 plus, my principle spend about RM 400 plus and my colleague spend about RM 300 plus. Wow just 3 of us already spend about RM 1K, did you know my colleague told me that a lady before her just bought bra and panties already cost her about RM 1K. Wow, ‘sia ja bo’.

This sale is worth but my purse also going to bankrupt. Dunno next year want to go or not, if you I really cant ‘tahan’ to buy so many things. Once you see those things less till 70%, I dun think I can just leave there..haha.

This handbag cost 79.90 less 50% = 39.95

Larrie man's wallet cost 99.90 less 70% = 29.97

LadyLike jean cost 99.90 less 70% = 29.97

Mickey Mouse bag cost 25.90 less 70% = 7.77


yenlin said...

i have missed it (the sale) :-(

Anggie's journel said...

ohh... cheap lei .....u know what, i m going to take half day leave 2molo to Jusco equine members' day la. LOL ... it's just opposite my ofis...
let's see what i'll get 2molo ...:)

1+2mom said...

If you can go, how you bring along with your kids?

anggie's journel,
You so 'geng' take leave some more. You should have want to gab many things ler, it worth to buy.

Anggie's journel said...

peiseh peiseh, nowsaday very hard to shopping ,especially with jeremy, got la, but mostly window shopping, if really wanna buy, better go alone and have more time to see, no need to worry to rush back to fetch him or worry his hungry ... hahaha.
So take half day leave off is worth .. can fully enjoy and easy to look for packing!!

yenlin said...

bring them along... put them on stroller... the 'jiejie' will take care of the trolley or likewise. :-)

Jacss said...

wah........great shopping u had ahh??

not bad working for 1/2 day also ya & not like us 9-5...whole day gone!!!

laundryamah said...

too bad I missed the sale..asked my mom to buy me the Mamy Poko she got me the wrong size!! die or not?

1+2mom said...

anggie's journel,
I also heard some of the shopper also take leave go to the member's day sale.

i dun think to trolley can push in the department was so crowded.

haha..but you guys earn more then me ler, can buy more things.

wait for next year, keep more 'bullet' can buy more..haha.
Maybe you can sell it to other ppl,then no need die.

danial said...

For me I always look forward for jcard day sale but , the jcard privillage is less attractive than jcard day sale. Only a few items are on 50% sale, others at 15% discount.

Do you know or have you notice which item have discount more than 50% on jcard privillage day?

Or what category of item that have generous discounts say 50%. I seldom found interesting item that have been discounted other than supermarket and ladies items here in jusco Taman Universiti JB.