Sunday, July 22, 2007

PayPerPost (PPP)

This is a sponsored post.

I had started to write sponsored post when my blog got approval from PayPerPost (PPP). I heard about it very long ago and from other blogger too.

At first I thought with my poor English I’m sure it very hard to get approve from the sponsor so I just ignore it. Later saw many blogger had earn so much from PayPerPost (PPP) I start to try submit my blog to PPP, but my blog had been rejected because of the less entries of my blog in within 3 months.

That time I’m very lazy to write blog, so many things to do and I had started to work so really no time to write blog. Later till end of last month school holiday I had plenty of time so I start blog back often. I tried to submit my blog again to PPP but still get rejected because of the same reason - not enough of quantity post.

Later I had write about more than 20 post a month and tried to submit again, this time my blog had been approved. That morning I login to my e-mail saw PPP send me a mail that my blog had been approved, so I faster login to PPP and check the opportunity and start write my very 1st sponsored post.

After I had write about 3 post, and waiting for review but just got 1 post had been approved and 1 been rejected because of the too much link I had put it in. Once I had corrected it and resubmit again for review but I waiting for more than 10 days still haven’t get review, so I send a request for them. They very fast take action and reply me in short time, I’m very appreciating about their job and thank you for the help.

From the sponsor post I had learned that there are so many online website that sell and release new product that at Malaysia cannot get it in the first place. Some technologies that even some my other working friends also didn’t heard about it.

Once I get this money from the sponsor I can get some scrapbook that I want. I very stingy to buy with my own money but now I can get it for myself because of I get paid from the sponsor. I love PPP so much, it let me get what I want and earn extra money that I need it so much.