Friday, July 06, 2007

English & Mandarin Spelling

I wonder why my son he cant remember the English spelling words than the Mandarin spelling words.

English words is more easy than mandarin, dunno why he still cannot remember it at short while. Every week they have Mandarin spelling since term 1, he can learn very fast once I ask him he can write out to me.

Last Monday was his 1st time English spelling, he need to use 1 day to remember what he learned. While I keep on asking him he refuses to spell out to me. Is it very hard for him to remember the alphabet than the stroke of the mandarin word?? Just wonder other mother also facing the same problem??

Luckily at last he can spell out all the words that he learned by himself. Sunday nite I let 1+2dad to teach him while I go shower, but once I came out from the bathroom my son come to me. He said he know all the words and ask me to test him. So I asked him 1 by 1, he can spell out without mistake. I randomly ask him he also can spell it, I’m so happy finally he can do it. I asked him whether daddy teach him, but he told me he learn it by himself. I praise him that he is very clever and independent.


jazzmint said...

i guess the strokes are easier at this stage than alphas :)

CutiePrincessMummy said...

aiyoh, i scare lar whenever i think of my girls reach tat stage, Spelling wor! ....

Tracy said...

Ya ya, maybe as what Jazzmint mentioned, Carter found dat the Chinese strokes are much easier than as in the alphabets.

My girl is just the opposite, she prefers to have English and BM spelling. I was wondering why there was no English spelling cos she oso has spellings in Chinese and BM every week. I guess I spoke too early, Des had her 1st English spelling today. Were the words – box, cod, fox, log, sob? Hahaha.