Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New toys

Yesterday we went to Mid Valley shopping, we having our breakfast and lunch at the food court there. After that, we go Jusco bought the baby wiper and the milk bottle brush.

After paying money, we went to my son favorite toy store ‘Toy ‘r Us’. We wanted to buy transformer and the cleaning trolley for my kids but 1+2dad noticed that he forgot to bring the membership card (to collect point and change to cash voucher – spend RM 240 can get RM 10 cash voucher). We decided to go home take the card and go 1 Utama Toy ‘r Us to buy. Now they having a promotion that spend RM 250 in the Maybank credit card or Amex you entitle to get RM 30 cash voucher to use on October.

After we went home get the card and we went to 1 Utama. Aiks..at 1 Utama Toy ‘r Us dun have the transformer that he want so we went back to Mid Valley. I ask 1+2dad to wait outside cause that time very hard to find parking (it about 2.30pm). Finally, we get what we want and the kids are very happy but our pocket very sad..sob sob.

This is my gals cleaning set (RM 149.90 - cannot buy 2 set it so expensive), but most of the time my son the one who play it. He keep on asking my gals to clean up the bedroom, he order them to clean this and that but of cause he also got help lar.

This Cybertron Primus (biggest autobot in the cybertron series - RM 269.90) added into my son transformer collection.

This is omega lock and cyber keys. The cyber keys is from other transformer collection, it not come together in 4 pcs.

My son with the Cybertron Primus. It quite big and heavy.


Sasha said...

that cleaning set in warehouse sale that day i saw its only 15 bucks.

Jacss said...

aiyo, this sasha made ppl so heart sick lol !!!

btw, u r damn pampering your kids huh???.....for me it's kinda pain to fork out that amount of $$$ to buy toys lar........!!

some more run from MidV to 1U then back to MidV.....i really salute/khau tau u both leh !!!

and d robot is so big...am sure my kids would love it but stingy mumy & dady "ng seh tak mai" !!!

Tracy said...

Wow! I'm really speechless. Ran all over the place just to get ur kids the toys! And the total amount u spent, *more speechless*

I bought my girl dat set of vacuum cleaner when she kept disturbing me when I use my vacuum cleaner but the toy's oredi packed and storing dust in the storeroom now. The battery operated vacuum cleaner can really vacuum the pieces of foam, have u tried dat?

jazzmint said...

eh my girl oso has that vacuum cleaner set hahaha...

Anggie's journel said...

Hi..i'm first time here ...
U parents are very good , go here and there just to buy the toys .
The transformer collection is super duper cool. Look at ur son expression already know.
btw, so welcome to my blog...:)

1+2mom said...

Really that cheap ar..then my money..sob sob.

We not pamper, just because we already promised to buy so we have to keep our promise to him. Tell you hor, actually my hubby want not my son want..hahaha.

aiya,should ask from you so i no need buy. I havent try yet cause havent buy the battery.

haha..not i'm the only 1 pamper my children, someone here also.

Anggie's journel,
Welcome to my blog, do come often.
Yea, it worth to play and my son like it so much. Some more my son is a type like to split the toy so this is a good toy for him to play longer.

CutiePrincessMummy said...

Warr, warrr....warrr....

nowadays the toys for kids really not cheap lar.. :P

荦怡 said...


1+2mom said...

yalor, make my wallet so 'pain'.

yenlin aka 黄师奶 said...

hello! got your adrress from the forum...

btw, i do agree with you... we (especially parents) must keep promise one ;)

twin said...

what warehse sale?? arg! I missed it!

daddy and mommy spend a fortune today *fainted* they must be really happy with the new toys. the cleaning sets .. was thinking of getting it for my girl since she always like to use the grown-up mop and broom ... :)

MY Life Zone said...

wow... if me really 'bo lat' to run from mv to 1u and back to mv.. fainted...

ya.. warehse sales at Oppoiste KLCC, forgot wat the name called.. got few toys 4 my son during tat sales.. is really cheap...

1+2mom said...

yenlin aka 黄师奶,
yea,if not they will follow what we did. Some time i told him you must keep the promise that what we did to you, if not next time mummy also dun do the same to you.

they like it so much, now i can start train them clean the room..haha so next time i got helper.

my life zone,
wah..i dunno if not can go that warehouse buy something for them. But yesterday the 1U Jusco member day's sale not bad, i had grap some very cheap toy for them.