Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sekenjang Trip

Last Sunday I had been to Sekenjang with my son Buddha school. 1+2dad drop us to the school at about 7.30am, and we register ourselves to the teacher and wait the time to get up to bus. We going with 4 buses and both of us had placed to the Bus C.

We depart at about 8.30am and in the bus, my son class old teacher giving out some sweet and chocolate to the children. The kids love it so much and they feel very happy. The teachers also prepare some bread for the kids that haven’t eaten the breakfast.

We reach at the Sekenjang centre at about 10.30am. We had the morning breathing together with the children that at the same centre. After the breathing, with help of the centre ppl brought us tours the Sekenjang. First, we went to see the padi field. The gal explained to us the process of the planning of the padi.

Next, we went to see the fruit and vegetable farm. After the farm, she brought us to buy the mangoes that planed by the farmer there. After that, we went back to the centre to have our vegetarian lunch that prepare by the aunties there. The rice was so delicious and my son eat a lot too.

After that, we were heading to the fishing village and the nearby beach. This part, my son loves it so much. He kept on picking up the shell and throws it to the sea. About half an hour there, we were heading to ‘Bukit Melawati’ for our last journey to see some monkey nearby the hill. We hang around there to see monkey and buy some souvenir. At about 4.45pm we heading way back to our own centre.

Carter throws the shell to the sea.
Carter souvenir (sword) that get it at Bukit Melawati store.
We also get this 2 cuties pencil for the gals as survenir too.

It was tiring but I and my son were very happy and enjoy. My son still kept on asking me goes again with bus especially to the beach again.


Jacss said...

what a quality time u have spent with yr boy huh??
good bonding, mumy & son also happy!!

CutiePrincessMummy said...

Great trip to get closer to nature, i oso looking forward to have a similar trip w my princesses. :-)

荦怡 said...


Annie Q said...

what a great trip!Tired also worth it right? hehehe

Grace said...

wah, really a good trip for kids to experience in nature.

1+2mom said...

yea, we enjoy so much.

very hard to have this kind of trip, i also first time to experience this.


annie q,
abit tired but very happy, hope next year also got this kind of trip so my gals and 1+2dad also can join.

yea, at least he know where the rice come from and how it look like before it become the rice.