Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Birthday To My Boy

2nd of May was Carter big day, so late to post up cause this few day very busy :)

He having his birthday party at his school, he seem very happy. I'll post up his photos later, no time for me to modify the photos.

He was sick yesterday, to day will bring him to see doctor. Got to go work, bye bye!!

Happy Belated Birthday To My 4 years old Carter !!!


mom2ashley said...

happy belated birthday carter!!!

Mama BoK said...

Happy belated birthday.. Carter..!!

Jason said...

Happy belated birthday, Carter!

Jesslyn said...

Happy birthday!Carter!
Take care ya & drink more water!

Egghead said...

so big boy liao ah!
must be a really fun four years :)

Suzette said...

Happy belated birthday!

wtpgRR said...

You must be having a Fantastic Forth Birthay in school heh, Carter. Happy Belated Birthday!

maria @ twinsmom said...

so good, can celebrate in school! guess my girls got no chance lar, they born at the end of Nov, everyone school holiday liao :(.

Happy Birthday Carter :D.

yesterday afternoon you went to Dr. Kwan? in the evening I went to him LOL... to check on Annabelle's flu.

1+2mom said...

Thankz all..sorry i had no time to reply 1 by 1 :)

i didnt go Dr Kwan cause it too late already, i go back to my usual doctor. He charge me RM 245 ler. I really want to change paed liao.

AsleyLee said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!
My son felt sick just near before his birthday, don't your realize that kid normally would get sick when coming to their birthday? According to old folks, better don't celebrate kid's birthday.

1+2mom said...

hui sia,
errr..i not that 'pantang' ppl so dun care as long as my son happy :)
thank you.

Allyfeel said...

Happy Belated Birthday Carter.