Saturday, July 30, 2005

Genting trip

On Tuesday we had been to Genting for 2 days 1 night, just our family. Yes!! First time our family trip to outstation without friends and maid, just family member ~ 5 of us.

We booking the hotel on Monday, last minute we decide to go Genting. The next day, after my son school over and we had our lunch then right away to the Genting.

We reach there about 3 pm because of they slept in the car, so we go to First World Hotel for a walk. My girls half way walk they fall asleep cause they very excited when reach hotel dunwan continue their nap.

They slept in the stroller and my son continues his ‘jungle tracking’ till about 6pm the girls wakeup and we had our dinner at restaurant there.

After the dinner, we continue our walk to Genting indoor theme park at Genting hotel. The kids had their fun at there, my son scare play the jungle car ride by himself and need Carrie to accompany him. About Carol, I scare she will fall off if she rides her own so just let her play the putting coins airplane. They had a lot of fun there.

About 9pm, we back to hotel have a rest and change the kids. I and 1+2dad watch TV and the kids still play by themselves. About 10pm, I make milk let them sleep. My son very tired, after his milk he fall asleep very fast, but the girls still rolling here and there. I think about 10.30pm their turn fall asleep.

The next day morning about 8 am we all wakeup except my son, he still sleeping. He weak up about 9pm and I clean them go down for our buffet breakfast. This breakfast include in our package and 2 tickets for Outdoor Theme Park for total of RM 118.80 (hotel room too) very the cheap.

After the breakfast we go to Outdoor Theme Park had some fun b4 go back home. About 1.30pm we on our way home to Petaling Jaya and say bye bye to Genting.

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Carter ride moto very ‘yau yeng’ ler.

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They like to play this type of coins toys.

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Carol with the putting coins airplane.

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Carter scare it move so just take photo.

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They tired till slept very kelian to share in one stroller.

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Carter scare and play with Carrie.

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Carol with dinosaur.

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Carter with his ‘leng chai’ look, this day he dun like to take photo.

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Carol play with 1+2dad while we eating McD.

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Carrie had her yummy lunch.

Here is some video clip that Carter and Carrie ride the car.


shiaulin said...

i notice the word "MAID" when i 1st read this. walow eh... SAHM still able to have maid wor, lucky u!!
uhmm... actually me here in beijing still can affort too, but hor i don't like those maid with their eyes keep following u... sien.. so loh.. (kekeke.. used again twinsmom's tactics here haha..)

PS...only ONE said...

really can feel the family warm from your photos. So jeolous leh...

btw, let me introduce myself, i'm Shiau Lin's brother.

Big BoK said...

So envy..!! the pictures are great too..!!

Loc Kee said...

Yeah, we are going to Genting on next week.... :>

Jason said...

So enjoy! :D Kekez. go back only download the vidoe clip. ;) The 3C are all cute! :P

Lazy Bone said...

at least your children sits properly there on the machines, my son always want to crawl out. When we put him sit in the 'car', he wants to sit on the floor not the seat. That's why he also can't enjoy - realy, nothing suits my son yet. :)

mumsgather said...

Carter looks very cute on the giraffe.

1+2mom said...

shioulin,my maid gone home liao so no maid from now on at my home..kekeke. The maid just help me to look after my twins when they were baby and do some house work..i also dun like maid to follow me but i had no choice to bring along.Now no need, they all can walk liao so no need maid anymore :)

ps..only one, thankz for visit my blog and yes i like those family feel so we always go shopping or park together.

big bok, no need can have one too :) Those photos very hard to take ler..we take so many then just can see few only.

lockee, hope you have a nice holiday and enjoy youself there.

jason, wah out station liao still can comment..maybe will join this friday meet but have to see 1+2dad can or not (maybe he work overtime)

lzbone,my son at your son age also scare ler..he said want to play then let him play when the car move he start cry and want to come down. This time got his sister accompany he 'dai dam' liao.

MG, that giraffe not move ler..if i put coin inside he sure dunwan to sit on it..hehe

Angeline said...

Wah! 3 kids without main. I don't now I can handle mine.

1+2mom said...

angeline, you know horse die then come down walk '马死落地行'.When the time come you sure can handle. That time my maid told me she want go home, i also dunno what to do. After 2 week i let her go back, then i send my son go far so good. Just very buzy to handle them and no time for myself.

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