Sunday, July 03, 2005

Funny conversation

The day b4 yesterday my son had conversation with my SIL while he eating ice-cream, they speck in Mandarin but I translate to English.

SIL : boy boy gu gu want eat ice-cream wor.
Carter : gu gu dunwan eat ice-cream. (eating the ice-cream)

SIL : gu gu hungry wor.
Carter : gu gu go buy ice-cream lar. (still eating ice-cream)

SIL : gu gu no money to buy ice-cream.
Carter : gu gu afterward got money to buy ice-cream. (look so yummy!!!)

SIL : gu gu where got money to buy ice-cream??
Carter : mar mar (MIL) got money, gu gu go ask mar mar buy lar. (happy eating ice-cream)

Another conversation with his mei mei, while my MIL just bring him out to buy something last nite.

MIL : mei mei cant go with mar mar, mei mei still small. (Carol & Carrie with their tear on their face)
Carter : mei mei dun go, tomorrow I bring you go gong gong house ar.

Carol & Carrie stop crying liao just because they heard their kor kor will bring them to gong gong house tomorrow..hehe..very funny.

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