Tuesday, August 02, 2005


This few days are very hot, so I let them play some water in front of the house. They very enjoy till dunwan come out from the pool.

This pool is 5 ft long but I got one 4 ft dunno last time they finish swimming I oledi put where. Luckily I got 1 extra if not they sure make so much noise cause I oledi promise them if they didn’t naughty I will let them play water.

These are some of the photos I took when they play water.

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They like to play water.

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Carter learns swimming at school so he try to show me.

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Can you guess who is who?? Sometime when they wet i also mix them up.

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This pool is big enough for 3 of them to play.


PimpPia said...

looks like they had a lot of fun!

Big BoK said...

Your children are so cute..! my brat wouldn't go into the lake at all..!! hahha!!

Jason said...

And I don't have such thing when i was small. But I had my swimming lesson when I was 5. And I swim in a huge ass swimming pool. :bpbpbpbp

1+2mom said...

pimppia, thankz for visit my blog :) They love it very much.

big bok, hehe..i dint bring them to lake b4 so dunno wether they scare or not.

jason, wow..so you know to swim now?? but i dunno wor so next time need my son to teach me..hehe maybe one day i will ask him who he will safe first when mommy and girl friend together drop into the sea.

Young Brat said...

the are very active la. lucky they are not the 'new generation' children only know PS2, PC.

Btw, children is active means good ma. U feel tired look after them, then ask 1+2dad in-charge lo. "Daddy power"

1+2mom said...

young brat, welcome to my blog and thankz for visit. My son know how to play online game ler. Active is good but too tired :P, i cant let 1+2dad handle them cause he also very tired when back from work. Sometime he help when i'm not free, and we takecare them together when he back from work.