Friday, July 01, 2005

Family & Charity Day

My son school got Family & Charity Day on this Saturday (2nd July 2005), 1+2dad oledi take leave bring us to join that family day. Yeah!!!

We decided to bring all of them to go, so wish we have lot of fun there. We got the schedule of that day got so many food and game, sound so interesting.

It using coupons matted so need to buy coupons, I ask the teacher they said got sell on that day too. (need to purchased at any Q-dees centre) I think it open to public, can bring along the kids to enjoy if you want.

Date : 2nd July 2005
Time : 9 am – 5 pm
Venue : Taman Keluarga, Bukit Jalil

All the KL Q-dees branches will join together at that day, I think maybe that fun fair quite big. Will take some photos and put in the blog after we came back from that Family Day.

We will go on the morning maybe about 10am cause the kids need nap at the afternoon so 1+2dad need to take leave so we can go on the morning (such a waist cause just half day work but need to take 1 day leave, but no choice).

Who want to go maybe we can meet there :P

p/s : can meet, greet and capture some exciting moments with mascot-captain Q-dees, Cloony the Clown, and many more.


1+2mom said...

Please start here :P thankz.

Jason said...

Sunday also need to work ah? So demanding one the job. Hmm, there's something call half day leave, right?

But then, wish you all will enjoy your family day. Since I entered F4, I don't like joining my family for the so called family day already.

1+2mom said...

Jason, yea next time they all grow up i dun think they like Family Day so now can why not enjoy it gao gao, right??

But i like Family Day and all the family member enjoy the time spend together, so i hope next time they grow we still got Family Day.

Milly said...

erm..then i can go lor...go to meet ur son..!! ahhaha...!! must go a ex teacher there mah..rite?? ahhah

thx inform me this!

1+2mom said...

milly, when you go maybe we can meet there, so you can see your kai mui mar :)

Milly said...

aigh...too bad..i tot is next saturday... aigh..nvr see the information probably..! hmm.... can't meet kai mui lar..too bad..!! cos 2day i got classs until 12nn wor... n i dunhave enuff time to get info from the teacher at Qdees..

but wheni take train back to kepong, i saw a mom carry 2 children, n her daughteer wearing the Qdees cap...n the litle fan.. hahah...!!

too bad can't meet carol...

1+2mom said...

milly, nvm can meet next time if we got chance :P

Milly said...

yaya...sure got chance .1...