Thursday, July 14, 2005

Carrie talk

One afternoon, Carrie walk walk toward me..

Carrie : drin..drin..drin..(drink) *holding an empty bottle*
1+2mom : oh!! No more water, mommy fills the water for you.
*take the bottle and fill for her*

After refill the water, I gave back to her.

Carrie : ta..dum
1+2mom : huh??? What you want??

Carrie : ta..dum *said again*
1+2mom : What is tadum?? Where izzit?? *I though is lizard*

Carrie : ta..dum *said again facing me with her lovely smile*
1+2mom : *just realize* oh…is thank you!!! You are welcome.

This day, Carol & Carrie like to follow what we said. Some they able to follow but some dunno what they say. They know to said star, ice, meow (cat), wow wow (dog), morning, bear, bird, eye and many more.


1+2mom said...

Please start here. The halo is for back up when blogger is down. Thank you.

kiasi said...

So special ah? Usually parents must call children to say 'thank you' only they will say wan wor.

Msau said...

hehee..I'm waiting to guessing wat SQ tell lah..
I believe only the parents will understand wat the toddler talking about ahh...2C must make u pening liao..hehe

Sebastian's mommy said...

haha, ya lar, only parents can understand, like twinsmom's kids - saying "see broccoli" (sit properly) cute!

Milly said...

ahhaha...sometime v can guess..some time can't..

but when my day at Qdees wif all those 3 years old kids..i have no problem comunicate wif them..i undersatnd what they trying to say even they like what carrie say...!!

hehe..maybe i shud back to 3 years lioa...

1+2mom said...

kiasi, we got teach them good manner mar :)

msau, haha yalor yalor..they make me pening. Now my house got 3 toddler, wont have peace if they not yet sleep.

san san, TM lagi geng still can guess what they said. Sometime i just pretend know what they say :P

milly, wah you can baby talk also?? How you learn that??

Anonymous said...

At this moment.. my chloe does jibberish.. hehe!! she jibbers alot.. and we donch understand a word she is saying.. but she does it anyhow.. hah!!


Milly said...

erm....cos i love the way they cute...!! i learn? i oso dunnoe..but i noe it lor... maybe that a reason y i love kids much lar..!!

1+2mom said...

MrsT, welcome to my blog. My girls like to talk alot and they can manage to communicate with my son, my son also understand what they want.

Milly, you really like kids so much. Next time can have more children lor :)

shiaulin said...

me 1st time drop by, how old ur twins? i has a 1 yr 7 months old son and now learning to speak too. He say "thank you" is "QQ", and "good night" become "nite-nite" :)

cute ya :D