Monday, January 07, 2008

We go school lor!!

Today was the girls first day of school, and this week still is orientation week to let the children mix around and get familiar with the school environment and teachers.

My girls were so excited and when I woke them up this morning they be able wake up to drank their milk and change their uniform (at 6.45am). My colleague pick us at 7.35am, and off we go to the school. They are so steady in the class and so happy to go school. My colleague told me that she no need to pay so much attention to them, they are doing well.

Carol like havent wake up..hehe..actually she dun like the camera flash light.

Today my class was ok, most of them are settle down but just 1 or 2 will need their parents to accompany. Tomorrow I need to request the parents out of the class hope that the children will be ok.

My girls were so happy to get a watch and music book from the teachers as their birthday presents. On Wednesday we will celebrate their birthday at school and we already order the cake and pack the party goodies bag as well.

On last Saturday, we had small celebration for the girls at home. They are so excited to blow the candle and eat their cake.

The girls birthday cake ~ cuppocino cake.

We are so happy!!

Carrie : Faster, faster, the candle wanted to finish.

Carol & Carrie blow the candle.

Our party bag for our classmate.

This is our school soft board disply, it done by all the teachers and admin.

This is our whole year 2007 activies in school, i help to do the photos scraping.

I like this soft board border the most, they are so lovely and nice. (I help give some idea and do the curly string).

This is the Name List board, we havent put up the confirm class name list.


Tot's Mom said...

Hope everyone will enjoy the little party, especially your girls. :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

can see the excitement on their face!

jazzmint said...

wow..wake up so early hehe...i'm sure they are OK since got each other company. happy bday!!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

oh dear.. they need to wake up so early. i'm sure the twins and other kids will enjoy the school party!

quite cool billboard you have there.

mama bok said...

Poor gals..!! gotta get up so early for school.. :(

Hazel said...

it's fun to have party for our children, if u have finish the new year traditional tag please claim ur awards...

jacss said...

once again wish yr girls "san thai kin hong" & "fai kou cheong tai"..

yr school is so lucky to have you as their teacher/ creative & patience...d students also benefited hor!!!

huisia said...

haha..she looked very unhappy! :)

CutiePrincessMummy said...

yea, if want me to wake up 6.45am...not sure i can or not, mummy! :-P

1+2mom said...

tot's mom,
The kids so enjoy untill they almost out of control..haha.

mummy to qiqi,
They waiting for this day so long already.

They are find and just as usual like when i had open day on school holiday.

mama of 2 littlefelles,
No choice have to follow me go early so they need to wake up early too.

mama bok,
they like to go school very much, so this is no problem for them.

thanks for the tag and reward :)

wah dun said like that, so 'paiseh' ler.

haha..actually they still blur blur when i take photo for them so they look like unhappy.

if you need to do it sure you can like if you want to catch up the flight in early morning, i'm sure you can get up early.

Shannon's Mummy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Your two sweet princesses... ;p

Shannon's Mummy said...

ohya.. the soft board border and the name list board are so sweet.. I love the colours!

Zara's Mama said...

They look so different now after they'd turned 4!! Happy belated birthday to them!