Friday, January 18, 2008

Some update

Almost 2 weeks didn’t update my blog, until I can’t stand it so just write down some of it. I’m too buzy this 2 weeks, need to adjust my time back to normal first then I got time to update my blog.

Last Monday, my girls celebrate their birthday at school. They were so happy and 1+2 dad also went to school to celebrate with them but I can’t join them because I still have a class to handle and this year got few are so handful so need to pay more attention to them.

Wednesday went to buy some ingredients for making cheese cake and chocolate cookies with my colleague. We decided to make it at her home, actually I went there to learn to make chocolate cookies cause the cheese cake I learned it when school open day at school. (They brought the oven to bake cake there).

Thursday, I had made the seaweed with popia skin at home. This type of snack was teaches by sister last year and my family member like it so much so this year I do it again. At nite we went to NiuZheXui at Ara Damansara for a walk. It was a new place and something like Petaling Street had a lot of things to buy, but not all the shop has open.

Saturday, I and my kids went to my colleague’s house to make cookies and cake after we had our breakfast. It kind of easy and my son like it so much. This weekend we will do it again.

The recipes of The Seaweed with Popia skin :

Instant Seaweed (you can get at shopping center)
Popia skin (Medium size)
White egg

1. Brush the white egg on the whole piece of Popia skin.
2. Put the seaweed on the other half of the popia (recommend to place the full of seaweed on the half piece of popia skin, it will more tasty)

3. Fold half to stick together.

4. Keep a side later you can cut into small pieces with scissors then fried it.

p/s : The cheese cake and chocolate cookies recipes will post up later because I forgot where I put my book, need to find it tomorrow.


chanelwong said...

nice cake....Happy Birthday !!!

MY Life Zone said...

Happy Birthday to you dottas..

Ya.. sure busy ah.. school opening, settled down first.

This popiah seaweed look simple.. looking forward on yr cheese cake and chocolate cookies...

Sasha said...

happy birthday twins!

eh that seaweed popia like so easy to make..and just nice for CNY

i also blogged about NZX in my blog a week ago i think . lupa edi heheheh

IMMomsDaughter said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your girls. Btw, the recipe is so simple, thanks for sharing.

mama bok said...

Happy belated birthday..!!

Jacss said...

i like the seaweed snack...since my boys love seaweed itself, i will try to make this for them, thanks for sharing!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

thanks for shaing the seaweed snack. looks pretty simple and easy to make.

Hazel said...

here a Big Bang - World Record Tag for u. Have fun.happy weekend!

麻辣鴨血Maggie said...


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