Saturday, January 26, 2008



My class almost settles down just left 1 or 2 still need take some time, hopefully after Chinese New Year all can settle down. My girls like the school so much, they had no problem with it and manage to follow what teacher said.


Yesterday morning, I changed my girls’ uniform and they will button up their button by themselves. Carrie have no problem to button up the button but Carol can’t do it maybe because she still sleepy, so Carrie help her to do it. After I change my son I walked out the bedroom I saw the pic below, so touches and warm. They will help each other when the other needs help.

Baby ~ Kor Kor

I son want a big brother so much, he keep on asking me to give birth a baby so that when the baby grow up will be his kor kor.

Carter : mummy, you make a baby lar, next time the baby eat more more things so he can be a kor kor.
1+2 mom : no, if mummy got baby it will be your ‘di di’ (small brother)not your kor kor.

Carter : I want kor kor, why Jeremy (his classmate) got 2 kor kor and I dun have?
1+2 mom : because his mummy gave birth of the 2 kor kor first so he have 2 kor kor.

Carter : I want kor kor, you make baby for me lar.
1+2 mom : I dunwan.

This quarreling can not finish until we talk other topic.

New Toy

On Wednesday we went to NiuZeXui again, actually 1+2dad wanted to buy new PDA phone but the shop there quit expensive so we decided to walk around. We go check my son PSP (playstation pouch) but we wanted to buy it after CNY but the price there cheaper then the other place we ask so we decided to buy it earlier. We had control him play time and his behavior so he can have his time to play and rest. He will follow what we said, and easier for us that he wont go disturb his grandma.

The next day, 1+2dad get his new PDA phone from the shop that nearby our house. He used almost a day to ‘play’ with that phone, check with my sis how to use the MMS and 3G. Call Maxis to activate the system. I think this 2 boy so happy in the family, hope I can get my new oven this or next week so I can bake cake and cookie at home. Later I can post the pic and the step 1 by 1 to you all so it will easier to make the cake and cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies (dropping)

Ingredient A
250gm Butter & Majerine (+/-) (half butter and half majerine)
200gm Sugar (I used 140 gm, it wont be so sweet)
Half teaspoon Vanilla essence
Half tablespoon Condense milk

Ingredient B
310gm Flour
1 teaspoon Baking powder
4 level tablespoon Cocoa powder

Note : Sieve all the ingredient B.

Ingredient C
150gm Chocolate chips

1. Blend the butter & majerine 1st and add in the sugar little by little. Blend until white colour.
2. Add in vanilla essence and condense milk.
3. Add in ingredient 3 into (2) and mix with the wood spoon.
4. Add in chocolate chips too.
5. Oil the tray and roll small pieces chocolate dough put into it.
6. Bake at 160 ºC with both heat for about 20 min. (Turn the tray at about 10min).

Hope you all like it, and enjoy making cookies.


deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

hi..i like eating them but not making them hehe

Jasonmumbles said...

Carter got PSP?! Lucky nyer.

chanelwong said...

it is nice to see the 2 girls getting along well..I think Carter want another boy to accompany him..

Mummy to QiQi said...

so sweet your gals helping one antoher

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

indeed heart warming..the girls helping out each other.

Tot's Mom said...

The kor kor and di di argument is so cute. Guess he wants a brother whom he can play with, huh?

jazzmint said...

haha u owe him one baby. better faster go make one for him ok :p

Hazel said...

hi, the recipe is good will try it soon

CutiePrincessMummy said...

wish i can see the samething in my princesses soon. My Meimei still small and no sharing at this moment. Sometimes her jiejie wanna touch her oso she scream! headachinggggg.... ^.^

jacss said...

your girls are so sweet!! i can only wish my boys could be d same:(

hahaha...i laugh at yr carter boy, poor mumy...must be lost for words already!!

wah...psp & PDA for the boys woh, yeah, they must be very happy!!

Zara's Mama said...

Carter is cute huh? Wants a kor kor but not didi. :P

Your girls are really getting on well.. can help each other. Hmm.. I think Zara still cannot button her own buttons yet ler. Must test her out. :P

Btw, Happy New Year to you!

esther said...

hi Sylvia,ur twins went to q-dees,my gal also went to q-dees....ur twins so good can help each other...
btw,where is NIUZEXUI?