Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Updated photos

This is the back dated post about some photos we took last week.

On 23rd, my 2 sisters with her kids (youngest sis) and we (except 1+ 2dad) went to watch Barney show on 1 Utama. We reached there almost 2.30pm, so we go get a nice place to sit and wait the Barney show start. The kids keep on asking us when the show start because they start gets boring for waiting so long. Luckily the show start on time and they very happy to watch it, the show was nice but I prefer last year show.

After the show, we went to have our lunch and back to my house because my no.2 sis going to meet her friends at Serdang to have her dinner with them. My youngest sis and her kids were at my house and after take our dinner we went to another shopping center – The Curve to see their decoration there.

Once again, 1+2dad didn’t go with us but he fetches us there and he went to find his friend to have a cup of tea. Just on time we reached there about 7.30pm and able to watch the light show there. The decoration was very nice, so bright and grand. At 8pm, it was a band performance there and we thought the snowing will drop in indoor at 8.30pm but we wait about 15min still didn’t see any snow drop so we decided to go Ikano. Aiks..when we wanted to find the shortcut to Ikano we saw the snowing was outside the open area. Luckily the kids are able to play with it some time. Carter wanted to go again but I told him Christmas was over, it had no more snow the next day. We took some photos at Ikano and walk around and call 1+2dad to fetch us back.

On 24th, it was my working day so we didn’t go any place to countdown but we drop by to Popular at Jaya supermarket to get some book. I heard it will close down after 13 Jan 2008 to shift to Jaya 33.

On 25th Christmas day, the kids get their present once they woke up in the morning. Carol so happy to get her horse as her present but Carrie didn’t. Carter also happy to get his fire fighter set that he aim for so long. (I forgot to take his pic when he open the present at upstair).

Yesterday 1+2dad brought us to Jusco at Bukit Tinggi, it was huge but not as big as 1 Utama. Their theme is Disney Princesses. Carol and Carter had a very good mood and they keep on asking us to snap their photo but Carrie not in good mood. We went there about 3 hours and back to home. Late about 4pm I went to Giant with Carter to buy some snack for the new kids when school reopens. Hope this year won’t be so taught to handle the 4 years old kids without any helper (there will be 15 children in my class).

p/s : I think I’ll be less update next week until the class settle down. Carol & Carrie also will start school next week and we will celebrate their birthday in school too. It will be late to celebrate in school so we will do it at home on the date (5th Jan) and a party for them in school.


mama bok said...

Happy New Year to you and yours..!! i wish good health for your family .. and you . :)

ilovepearly said...

Wishing you a happy and sweet 2008!!!!

Hazel said...

i am busy also for school reopen..

MY Life Zone said...

Good to have company, yr kids will enjoy with the cousin sisters and brothers ya...

y Carrie dont like her xmas present?? ... sometimes is really hard to buy the right gift for everyone.. i spent 4 hrs ++ in choosing 4 xmas present (my sis's kids).. damn tire :p (but feel happy after know they like the present)

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

sounds like you have a fun Christmas and New YEar!

HapPy nEw YeAr!!!

every parents (moms especially) is getting excited about school start tomorrow. wish the kids all the best!!!

Tot's Mom said...

Hope everything will go well for you once classes start!

Anonymous said...

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