Monday, May 26, 2008

Little update

16th May 2008 - Teacher's Day

Today i got many present from my student. Some was from ex-student and some was from my class student. I also made a card to the school teachers on behalf of my kids.

This teacher's day card i made for the school teachers on behalf of my kids.
This one i made for my daughters class teacher(small with envelope).

All this present were from my student, they are so lovely.

This box of chocolate from my student that her mum just back from oversea.

This present was from the same student as above.

A rose from my ex-student..such a lovely flower that so long didnt received..sob sob.

This roller ball pen (Parker) was from my new student. (just join in this month).

This teddy bear was from my last year student(mandarin teacher for few months).

My last year class student, she also gave me a box of cookies but my kids finished it.

This was from my this year class student.

1 was from ex-student and the doggie 1 was from my class student (principle's daughter).

17th May 2008

Today is my school sport's day, my kids and all the parents and children were so enjoy. This year we had performents for the whole school but 1+2dad managed to get my daughters photos but movie clip for my son class performent. They like to go sport's day so much and told us they wanted to go again.

This year 1+2dad first time went to sport's day, last year he didnt went because he just finished his operation so he miss it. He was very busy taking photos for our kids.

My daughters class performent.

Caro & Carrie played with thier trophy.

They are very happy to get the trophy, especially this is their first time get it.

Carter also very happy to get trophy, he said he had 3 trophy and wanted to get somemore.

They were so happy to get the trophy.

Backdated post.

Below are some of my son birthday photos that he celebrate at school.

Happy 6th birthday.

He with his boys classmate.

He with his girls classmate.


jacss said... so syiok ah...lots of pressie...goes to show that u must be a NICE teacher!!
my boys' kindy never has any sport day...too bad! seeing them with trophies, i know they were sure happy!!

Jasonmumbles said...

So many pictures.

Katetricia said...

wow, many pressie == a good teacher

hmm... are girls all trained to show a 'peace' sign infront of cameras? Hmmmm

MamaBoK said...

Yours kids are definitely growing.. :) Nice to be on the end of receiving presents.. :) and feel appreciated.

Mummy to QiQi said...

I din even know that you are a teacher :)

chanelwong said...

sooo many presents..your students n also ex-students must have love you a lot n you are a great teacher...

Happy Teacher's Day !!!!

CutiePrincessMummy said...

Wah so many pressies! like X'mas day wor! :P

Happy belated Teacher's Day!

Tracy said...

I should have been a teacher. Hahaha.

Dat shows dat the kids likes u very much and u must have been a loving teacher.

1+2mom said...

Thank you all of you.

Nolar, just trade them like my own kids.

MY Life Zone said...

Happy Teacher's Day!!

So many gifts ah, show that u really a good teacher for those kids then :)

Yling said...

You must be a very good teacher!