Thursday, December 04, 2008

National Science Centre

Yesterday 1+2dad didn't work so we decided to bring the kids go National Science Centre at Sri Hatamas there. We reached there about 11.45pm and we only paid RM 12.00 for 2 adult per entry fees and the kids under 7 years old are free of charge.

We stay there until 2pm and bought some souvenir from the shop there. So many hands on are not function and we think wont go there for the 2nd times. We prefer go to Petrol Science at KLCC. The best part and the kids like the most is the dinosaur puzzle and the spider web that they can climb on it.

Now is the photos sessions.

On Tuesday i also try to make some sushi, it come out nice but the rice is too wet. I will take note that next time i'll put less water to boil the rice.


Jesslyn said...

The sushi look great!

Mummy to QiQi said...

it has been ages since i been there. not suitable for younger kids like age 4?

jazzmint said...

looks like a great place for older kids

MY Life Zone said...

sushi looks great leh... thinking to try 1 day, got to buy the 'ka chang' first..haha.

1+2mom said...

thankz :)

mummy to qiqi,
I think petrol science will be better.

yea but they not really enjoy all the experiment :P

my life zone,
thankz, it very eazy to make just need to go Jusco buy the sushi set to make.

Jacss said...

hey sylvia, yr sushi looked so good leh...i still failed with mine, i dun know why....sobsob!!
we hv been to sc.centre was a good exposure to the kids!!

Happy New Year to you & family!!