Tuesday, June 17, 2008

National Zoo

Last month school holiday we brought our kids to our National Zoo (Zoo Negara). The aquarium was so dissapointed, not many fish inside you not event can see a small shark. Mostly the fish was from the river, not that special.

It was weekday so not many visitor went to zoo. We reached there about 9 something and walk around to see the monkey and waiting for the multi animal show on 11am. My girls were so exciting but my son not. He said that place so smelly and wanted to go home, of couse we wont allowed. Later part he said he stomuchache and wanted 1+2dad carry him.

Almost 1 hour 1+2dad carried him, the girls walk with me and they very enjoy the trip. We took many photos and they wanted to go again because they miss out the pony ride when we reach there (they have break until 2.30pm we cant wait that long).

We went to zoo so many times and this is the first time we saw tiger swimming. Before that my son asking us whether the tiger can swimming, it seem understand what we talking about the tiger went down to the pool and swimming 1 round to show us. We quickly snap the photo.

We went home at about 1.30pm and had our lunch nearby our house. They get some souvenirs from there too.


mama bok said...

Nice pictures..! good not too many ppl eh. :) i donch like to bring the brat out in too crowded places.. :)

chanelwong said...

Sad to say that our national zoo not very well maintain..we brought Jeriel there..he love it too but we notice quite a number of empty cage

Sasha said...

our zoo very sad case wan la.. *sigh*