Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm Back!!

Such a long holiday for me, i'am back to my blog. Here is some update for myself and my family. 2 more weeks will be my kids school concert so i and my kids will be very buzy and exciting. After the concert i'll post up their photos.

This 2 month i had make some cookies and egg tars for my family. They love it and it very easy to make especially the tars it taste like the portugies egg tar so delicious.

This 2 month i work as a art & craft teacher at my friends center so i had make some sample for the craft.

This i make for my kids when last tearm school holiday with the ham cutter and animal stick that i order from Japan.

I had started to let Carol & Carrie read the Mandarin reading book, they can pick up very fast. But i think they not really understand what it mean. They not even border what we talk in cantonise and mandarin, not like our son he is very buzybody and want to know what we chat and join our conversation too. They dun even want to speak Mandarin with my In Law. Hopefully next year they start learning Mandarin wont get any problem.

3 more month my son will going to standard 1, wow!!Time had past so fast, still remember when the time he born but now he going to primary school. Next year my girls turn to register the primary school (5 years old), they are growing so fast. Now i hope the time can stop at now so i still can play with them at this age.


Anonymous said...

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jazzmint said...

WB....wah u also join the bento gang LOL

1+2mom said...

nolar, my son so choosy so i make something to let him eat more.

jacss said...

hey sylvia, wow...welcome back, looks like life has been interesting there!! Lots of achievement i can see...welcome to bentoing too, can't resist d temptation heh!!
all yr crafts looked great!! tarts & cookies are excellent too!!
yeah, time flies...our boys r attending std 1 in no time!!


Would you mind sharing your animal shaped cookie recipe. Looks really cute and fun to eat for toddlers!

1+2mom said...

haha..i not really doing the bento but just make some funny shape for my kids.

family first,
welcome to my blog :) I'll post it as soon as posible because i'm buzy with my school concert so still have alot of thing need to prepare.

Mummy to QiQi said...

wow, Slyvia, u into bento-ing also now?

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ those food are mouth-watering~

huisia said...

love your artwork so much! NICE!

1+2mom said...

mummy to qiqi,
nolar, just play play. Where got time to do it..hehe.

little prince's mummy,
thank you!!

Thank you! It take times to do it.