Monday, October 27, 2008

Annual Concert 2008

On 16th October 2008 is my school annual concert, all of my kids are taking part. That morning i went to help to decorate the hall. At 3pm my younger sister fetch us to school, she came to help my class to makeup.

Later at 5pm we get ready to go to Civik Hall but that day was raining. Luckily we had a nice parent that help us with the big umbrealla to sent all the kids go up to school bus.

This year not that tired because 3 years old didnt take part so that teacher helps alot. My son graduated this year i'm so touching when saw him take the certificate. The concert end at about 10.15pm, we had our dinner with other 2 teachers at SS2.

This is our concert stage.

Carol with pink dress and Carrie with blue dress.

They dance Mexican dance.

Carter in his dance.

Carter in the graduation ceremony.

Carter with his clasmate. He was in the 1st right hand side at 2nd row.

Carter graduation video clip.

Carol & Carrie dance mexican hat dance.

Carter and his classmate in the concert.


jazzmint said...

wow..i'm very impressed :)


Q Dees has got such great concerts? Is the classes expensive? And is it a combined concert for all their outlets? Seems pretty grand wor.

1+2mom said...

hehe..i'm very proud of them.

family first,
It combined with 2 other outlets so that mean is 3 school in a concert.The fees is average for me, but the most i like is their programme.

jacss said...

the girls costumes were stunning!!
am glad that carter graduated & i knew exactly how u felt coz my boys too just received their scroll last week!!
great dance there....