Friday, November 24, 2006

Block & Puzzle

I like to buy block or puzzle for my kids. I just think that kids play with it will have good imagination and creative.

When my son about 1 year old I start buy the puzzle make of wood like cut the fruit and some big block. Later he about 2 years plus I bought him abit smaller block for him.

When he 3 years old I bought him other type of puzzle and block. Like the block made of wood, he need to learn balance when place the block higher.

Now he is 4 years plus, so we bought him a set of 1000 pcs ‘LEGO’ for him. He can make a lot of shape he likes. Those pic below I follow the menu to work it out, some he make I forgot to take photos.

For my glas, we bought them a wood puzzle. They like to take out and mix together but they can put back which was belonging to them. They also like to play with their kor kor block or puzzle too. Now they can fix some of the ‘LEGO’ by themselves after that they will shoe me and tell me what it is (forgot to take photo too).

The below blocks I just bought at nite market (Pasar Malam) near by my house, they are very cheap. The quality almost same as ‘LEGO’, it just cost about RM 8 – RM 28 per set only. 1 set can make at least 3 difference type of model. We will buy it 1 week once for collection, no money to buy so expensive ‘LEGO’.


Dragonmummy said...

wah..1000 pcs LEGO very expensive. Each time I wanted to buy, but gave up...I once bought those cheaplake one (also looks like Lego) from Giant...but came back hor...most of the pieces cannot fit into each other ...really "yat fen cin, yat fen foh". LEGO still my all time favourite..very good quality.

jazzmint said...

wahh very nice lehh..i love blocks oso heheh

荦怡 said...

Wah got so many type of blocks & puzzle hor... so "xingfu"!

1+2mom said...

I bought the 1000pcs LEGO not so expensive.It just cost me about RM 210 only.I bought it at Toy R' Us 1 Utama, it just leave 1 box only. For the small box dun dare to buy, so expensive. Now i bought it at nite market, cheap and quality quite nice.

seem so many parents also like blocks, but dunno the kids also like or not..haha.

you also can ask your mummy buy for you, it very interesting ler.

Anonymous said...

The pasar malam block set very nice ler. :)

Anonymous said...

My Jo loves to play block too. Ya, agree, block playing really good to create their imagination.

1+2mom said...

yalor, the 1st set was my MIL bought it for my son so we go get others lor.

my son and my gals make alot of block, i also dunno what they made. We usually asked them what is that, but my son can made those block quite clear n nice.