Monday, November 13, 2006

Most Collectable Items from Paris

My friend e-mail me these rings sometime ago, i like it so much. If can have 1 for the wedding ring are so great but too bad i already married and my hubby not a rich guy.


Anonymous said...

eh one of it looked like my ring.. but mine CHARN edi la..
see the ring also saliva fall out ler..

1+2mom said...

not bad what, still own one b4 :)

Anonymous said...

Same here, i never owned before..*drooling here*

grace said...

my wedding ring is custom made, simple & cheapest one. can't afford to buy the ring like the pic.

1+2mom said...

nvm still owned 1 wedding ring b4..kekeke.

nice, got custom made ppl will have the same with you :)