Friday, November 24, 2006

Art work that we done

This few days we had done some art work. We had our work place so we can do our art and craft at there.

First we had done some hand print, the kids like it so much. I paint their hands and they put on the sugar paper then I help them press and print on the paper. I let them ware my old t-shirt so they wont get dirty on their shirt. They look cute with the big t-shirt.

The next day we do paper cutting and glue it together. Since Carter knows to use scissor so he help me cut the paper too (those square shape only). That book I bought it at Popular Bookshop, he loves it so much (this book I bought again for him due to his requested).

The yellow paper one (I used ‘manila’ cardboard) was I printed from the Canon 3D Papercraft . It had some other type of 3D papercraft, card and seasons craft too like X-mas Tree. I like it so much but need a lot of paper and colour to print out the craft. The papercraft should have colour but my printer out of colour ink so just print it back and white. Later maybe will make a small city for my son, see I got time or not.


Egghead said...

u all really creative lah... wished I can do the same :(

jazzmint said...

wahh very creative lehh

mommy of two angels said...

wow what a great idea!...thanks...will download the papercrafts for the kids to play.

1+2mom said...

You sure can do just forgot when we was young the teacher teach us the art n craft.You no need headache lar ask J to do so lor.

hehe..copy ppl one :P

mommy of two angles,
Thankz for drop by :)
no problem..we should share our idea and good news right?? Forgot to put the link, now edit already.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe...they look so cute in ur big t.shirt. That's a great idea ler, I will try it next time :P

Anonymous said...

Wow, so nice. Thanks for your ideas!

1+2mom said...

allyfeel & huisia,
have fun with your kids :)