Saturday, June 03, 2006

Genting trip (Day 1)

We been to Genting on last Sunday (3 days 2 nite), almost everyday my son said want to go Genting and keep asking me when we wanna go. He count and count and said why sleep so many still haven’t go Genting?? It was a nice trip and they want to go again and dunwan to go home when the day we went back home.

Day 1 (28/5/06)

Weak up to do all the house work and pack up some stuff leave out yesterday.

Weak all the kids and 1+2dad up, let the kid had milk and change them. We prepare and off we go to eat breakfast.

We having our breakfast at India shop, after that we heading up to hill.

About 11.00am
We reached at Genting, and get the parking at First World Hotel. (1+2dad said we need to go early cause need quite a long time to check in at First World Hotel). We wait about 80 plus ppl till out turn to check in to the hotel.

Carter, Carol & Carrie took photo at lobby First World Hotel.

About 12.00pm
It is our turn to check in the room and our room no. is 16 772. I book it online and it is a package about RM179.00 with 2 buffet breakfast/lunch/dinner. It is a standard room view that the room is facing to the outdoor team park. My kids like it so much.

We having our lunch at McD. When the kids saw the playground at Indoor Team Park they want to play right away, but we said need to wait till tomorrow. They can play whole day at the team park. We went to Genting Resort Hotel too, there had other theam park inside. We let the kids have some fun there.

Back to hotel have a nap.

We went to have buffet dinner at First World Café. There had quite many choice of food there, the taste not bad.

Have a walk at First World Hotel, my son saw the SnowWorld he said wanna go in but we said had to wait till tomorrow. We bought a lightning mini fan for him and 2 lightning whistle for the gals, they like it so much.

We went back to hotel sleep and watch tv. All of us slept at about 12.30am that nite. We bought along the queen size air mattress so we could have more space to sleep. My kids like to sleep on that air mattress, so they all sleep together. I and 1+2dad can sleep together without the kids beside us.

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Note : Day 2 and day 3 will be coming up soon.


Potential Mom said...

so fun ler.... until now i stil havent holiday at genting... aighhh....

fred said...

cute... never been to genting.. or even west malaysia.. :)

Tracy said...

We stayed at First World Hotel too. The free breakfast buffet was "yuks"! We din take the 2nd day's breakfast.

Destinee was looking at ur kids lying on bed and having their milk and asked me "mommy, why got 1, 2, 3 babies drinking 'nen nen'? heeheehee.

1+2mom said...

potential mom,
Your collage also holiday?? Go have some fun b4 it over :)

welcome to my blog :)
I also havent been to east malaysia b4, maybe or got chance i'll go there play play.

The dinner buffet not bad wor, it not worth to eat breakfast for our package so we take dinner.

Hehehe..they look much alike so Destinee though they are the same. Some ppl also ask me whether they are triplest..haha.

Egghead said...

so cute with the 1+2 all drinking milk!!

shoppingmum said...

Is the room that big? I stayed in First World for a few times, but the room is quite small. Can put queen size mattress some more huh?

Allyfeel said...

That sounds like a fun trip for the kids. Carter, Carol and Carrie looks so loving in the cuddly 1st photo. :D

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. fun..
You are smart huh, bring along your queen size air matress.. no need e.body squeeze onto the same bed.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Hi, love your intro in profile (look like below 25???). Your pix of kids with nen nen very cutelah.

Ya, I do agree with shopping mom that First World Hotel rooms are quite small. How on earth did u manage to squeeze the air mattress in?

1+2mom said...

haha..yes they are and they always drink milk together.

The room is full of mattress, and the air mattress is quite small not a standard queen size bed. It just cost RM 49.00.

yea, i like that photo too.

zara's mama,
yalor, last year we all squeeze in a bed. This year be smart, and the kids all grow up liao not much space for them to sleep together with us.

Thanks for drop by to my blog :)
Thank you, they are cute. As i told shoppingmom, the air mattress not so big and the room full of the mattress..haha.

LY said...

Where did you buy those colourful blanket for your kids?
I like them! Wanna get 1 for mine as well.

1+2mom said...

i bought it at Tesco and Giant :) I think most of the shopping center also got.