Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Day shopping

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Yesterday after our breakfast we reach at 1 Utama at about 11.30am, not so jam not too many ppl. We very easy get parking lot (cause we park at prefer parking at New Wing lv 3 just pay extra RM 1), no need wait and search for parking lot.

Bring them go feed the fish, they like it very much. While we feeding the fish, Sheryl and her boyfriend behind us and they bring 2 Christmas present for my kids. My son very happy and hold his present all the way when we walk around the shopping center. This is his first time get Christmas present from other ppl and he wish come true from the tag. Thanks a lot Sheryl , my son give you a big hug and kiss 'muaks'.

We chat a while with them and take some photos with them to full fill Sheryl Christmas wish that I tag her b4. Later both of them go for their Japanese buffet lunch.

We walk around, later about 1pm plus my son said wanna go home open his present. After reach home, when I help my daughters took out their shoes my son open his present and shout to his father call him to look at what he get. He open his sister present too, later on he play his sister puzzle that Sheryl gave to them.

Below is some of the photos took that day.

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Carter like to feed the fish so much.

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Now is Carol turn to feed the fish, Carrie feed too but very hard to take photo because we scare them will jump into the pool.

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Carol smile so cute.

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Very nice tree decoration.

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They take photo together with the present that Sheryl gave.

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pic 1 : Carrie saw her sister took photo with lay down positon she also want.
pic 2 : Carol lay down on my leg like want to manja me.(this pic took first)

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Carter cant wait to open and play his train.

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Carter playing his train, he very excited when he open his present.

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This is Sheryl gave the gals present, a big floor puzzle.

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After arrange look like this, it suit my son play so the gals just learn the pic.


Milly said...

erm...carol at the 1rd picture smile reall yvery cute!! i like the pic...can i take the pic?? sister very cute ler..

1+2mom said...

milly, sure you can save it. I also like that pic, she very cute.

Jason said...

Yeah... Come here comment again.

Carol very de cute~!

Hmm... I noticed, why every kids will have at least one set of toy train.

P/S : If you didn't notice, I kasih "center" your lilypie and make your comment box pop up. :D

mom2ashley said...

i didn't know that there's a people could feed fish at 1 utama..? anyways...looks like a fun day for the kids.

Zara's Mama said...

Shopping again? *slap head*
You really kaki shopping! :P
But the kids really love the 1U fish pond hor? Zara also loves it.

1+2mom said...

Jason, hehe..because the train long and it run in the track. Thankz alot about my templete.

mom2ashley, it at new wing there call rain forest i think. On saturday and sunday got ppl sell the fish food for feeding.

zara's mama, i will blog it later why i always go shopping..hehe. They very happy when the fish come over and eat the food.

Sheryl said...

I am glad they like happy...even my niece love her prezzie..i bought her something that could make cards...hehe...some small lil machine to make cards...hehe...
ya ya...i tot of buying barbie dolls for your daughter..but then think again maybe i should wait till they are a bit older when they know how to play with it...ehehe...wanted to buy soft toys...but then...scared the fur will make them sick..hahah

Kampungkai said...

i'm so worried carter put his weight a lil forward!!! the pic is scary! hahaha.. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to u and family! U look very nice! smileeee!

maria aka twinsmom said...

eh?! we was in 1U that day also wor... been to the pond see fish also wor, went up to the stage also wor...but never bump to each other wor....

Happy New Year to happy Family wor.

Tracy said...

Just dropping by to say Hello and will be visiting ur blog more often.

U have a pretty pair of twins. Do u always dress them alike? I can't differentiate who's Carol and who's Carrie.

1+2mom said...

sheryl, luckily you didnt buy the barbie dolls and soft toys cause my house got those all separate oledi liao.

kampungkai, he know to control himself. I more worried my gals will fall into the pool, when they threw the fish food like nearly want to fall in the pool. Happy New Year to you too.

twinsmom, aiya we should find 1 day go shopping together :P I think my time should same like you cause my kids nap time at 1 to 2pm, so we go early.

tracy, welcome and thankz for drop by. Thankz, maria also got a pretty twins too. Not really will dress them alike, just sometime but usually will dress difference colour but same pattern. They are identical twins, very hard for other then our family to differentiate them :P

Egghead said...

wah! so many photos at 1U!
must have attracted a lot of attention :P

King's wife said...

I like the photo where Carter looks so bosan, sitting in between his sisters....

shoppingmum said...

That train set looks great! But only suitable for above 3 years old right? I'll have to wait a while before getting one...

1+2mom said...

egghead, yea :)

king's wife, lol!!He dun like to take photo that's why he looks so bosan.

shoppingmum, Yes it for 3 yrs and above but usually we bought toys for my son not suit for his age..hehe, we show him and teach him play.

Zara's Mama said...

Btw, Happy New Year to you and your family!!

Alicia said...

happy new yr!!.. btw ur kids r very cute xD

Vyvy said...

this is the first time i visited ur blog thru a link from Zara's mama. Just want to say that u really have a pair of beautiful twins!

1+2mom said...

alicia, haha.. thankz.

vyvy, welcome to my blog.Thankz, they are really cute :P

Anonymous said...


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