Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year eve party

We having a New Year eve party at 1+2dad uncle house and we celebrate the gals 2nd birthday at the party too.

The whole day was a rainy day, luckily when we get ready to go 1+2dad uncle house the rain become small. We reached 1+2dad uncle house at Subang Jaya about 7.30pm, the traffic not so traffic maybe we went out early.

When we reached there, some 1+2dad uncle and auntie already start the buffet dinner. We took some food, feed the kids and ourselves. Later the kids have some fun with 1+2dad cousin (she is about 12 or 13 years old).

1+2dad grandma and grandpa with his cousin late because of traffic jam (they came from Kepong jam at 1 Utama), they reached here about 9.30pm. We wait them had their dinner then we had a birthday party at about 10.30pm.

We sing birthday song for the gals, Carter look more excited then his sisters. He gets ready to blow the candle but his cousin faster then him to blow off the candle. The gals still blur what we doing..haha.. I think they dunwan so fast to grow up.

Tomorrow will be the gals 2 years old birthday, I think we wont celebrate their birthday again since we had their birthday party at 1+2dad uncle there.

This are some of the photo took at 1+2dad uncle house.

Image hosted by

Carol eats fruit by herself.

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Some photos took at 1+2dad uncle house.

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Carter look more excited then the gals when we sing the birthday song.

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This is their birthday cheese cake with 2 little angle just like them.

Image hosted by

This photo took at home.

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They look so happy when I took photos for them.


Jason said...

So pretty and cute... :D

Send to me ler, the original size, ask twinsmom do abit photoshop, combine with the belles, can become wallpaper aldy. :P

maria aka twinsmom said...

aww... so pretty!!! so so so pretty!!! and so cheeky.

hahaha... at first the hair still tidy tied up huh? later all cabut liao LOL...

Happy Birthday to your girls :).

mom2ashley said...

your twin girls are sooo cute! and they look so pretty in the dress!!!!

Zara's Mama said...

Their dresses are so pretty.

You think at 2yrs old they still can't really appreciate birthdays yet?

I heard 3yrs old is the best, they will undersand and know what birthdays are.

New Year's day the weather lousy hor?? Rain non stop.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday to you darling girls... they look so sweet in those pictures!

1+2mom said...

Jason, my original size is 21" wor..what size you want i resize then send to you.

maria, once they reached home they know time to bed then start cabut the rubber bend liao.

mom2ashley, the dress my mom bought it at USA and i think is about few USD only.

zara's mama, my son when 2yr old birthday he so excited dunno why my gals look blur blur. Luckily no so heavy rain lar.

sue, thankz..i like they wear dress look so sweet.

Alicia said...

happy belated b'day to ur twins :)

Egghead said...

happy birthdays!
the twins so happy lah to take photo!! CUTE!!

Vyvy said...

haha they look like dollies

Mama BoK said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful twins..!

Jesslyn said...

wow! Their dress so nice & 抢眼!I love to see baby wear dress once they start walking!

Happy Birthday Carol & Carrie!

Milly said...

happy birthday to carol n carrie lor.!!

hmm..late wish them lar!! ehehe...

hey..they are cute..wah..summore get secret recipe's cake lor..

actually when is their birthday??

1+2mom said...

alicia, egghead & mama bok, thank you!!

vyvy, since born they already look like doll so small..haha.

jesslyn, thankz for drop by to my blog :) Yea! I also like those baby gals wear dress just like a barbie doll. Last time when i pregnant 1+2dad dun let me go shopping at the baby dept, he scare me cant 'tahan' buy so many dress for my not yet born baby gals :P

milly, thankz. Actually their birthday was yesterday 5th. They like to eat cheese cake, so bought a cheese cake for them. Not only birthday we buy cheese cake for them but normal day we also buy for them but just in slice.

CrazyGrr| said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Carol and Carrie!!

Sheryl said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday to Carol and Carrie!!!!

Even though they don't know about the birthday celebration...but they do look happy enough....^.^

Kampungkai said...

Aiks, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, GIRLS! koko bring u to airport see planes 1 day k? hahahha...
btw, i see 8 same face girls in the last pic, is my eyes blur? *shakes head vigorously

1+2mom said...

crazygrrl, thankz and welcome to my blog.

sheryl, thankz :)

kampungkai, if got chance why not?? you not eyes blur, i put 4 pics together in 1 pic :P

shiaulin said...

Happy Belated to your girls!! they are soooooooooo pretty and cute!!

Tracy said...


The girls look so lovely and pretty in their so colourful frocks. Aiyo, just cannot differentiate who's who.

1+2mom said...

shiaulin, thankz :)

tracy, thank you..from the last pic left is Carrie n right is Carol.

Greenapple said...

aiyo, 1+2mum, you're really blessed with so many wonderful kids, feel so happy for you.

your girls look lovely in the picture, especially with those dresses, so sweet!