Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Some Photos taken at 1 U

This are some photos taken on Monday we went to 1 Utama.

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Carol cute smile.

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Carol(right) & Carrie(left) sweet smile.

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This photo taken under a christmas tree.

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This photo taken nearby the fish pool.

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They play on the floor.


mom2ashley said...

what cute little twins you have. do they insist on wearing the same stuff all the time?

1+2mom said...

mom2ashley, thankz..usually i let them wear the same pattern but difference colour cloth or difference pattern but same colour..hehe easy for me and other to recognize them.
I very less let them wear the same pattern n same colour (usually my mom bought).

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Just notice your blog
Wow ! u have beautiful kids.
Did your whole family wear the same at one time in any occassion before?

Cute and nice picture..thks for sharing

1+2mom said...

desmond9394, thankz for drop by. errrr.. didnt try b4, very hard to find the same cloth for whole family..hehe.

Zara's Mama said...

Are the twins identical? They look very much alike..

Sheryl said...

They look so adorable...cute cuties...
They really like taking photo don't they? Hehe..can become future model...

Kampungkai said...

arghhhh!!! i can't differentiate them! it's giving me headache! hahaha..... Merry Christmas!

1+2mom said...

zara's mama, they are identical twins :P They almost every part is same just some little difference.

Sheryl, they not really like to take photo..i take so many just few can used only.

kampungkai, thankz for drop by.
Marry Christmas n Happy New Year to you too!!! Not only you my family (my father side) also very hard to differentiate them.

Jason said...

Why lah they play on the floor? Hmm.. How come previously I didn't see the play on the floor picture one?

1+2mom said...

Jason, i ask them sit on the floor take pic but they sit on the floor and used their butt move forward ler. I just edit it on the next day because got some problem n no time to edit back.