Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Our Family gai gai Day

Yesterday is me and 1+2dad 8th register anniversay, so we decided to bring along the kids go gai gai on the morning. (It also because of
Selangor public holiday, should be no so many ppl..we guess).

1+2dad decided to bring us go Mid Valley (he hear me complain so
long didn’t go there) to have our breakfast, we reached there about 11am.
Before reach to the car park it start traffic jam, but still can go in. In side
the car park, we find the parking space about half an hour still didn’t
get it. Some more it jam inside too, saw lot of car also finding the
parking space.

We all boring inside the car and decided to go back to 1 Utama, we need more then half an hour to go out from the car park. Both of us so
annoying and we prefer no to come to Mid Valley anymore till the new car park is ready or we come by KTM.

We reached at 1 Utama about 12.30 pm, straight can get the parking space. We had our breakfast cum lunch at Mc Donald. After that we go feed the fish at new wing. Before we go there 1+2dad go Pet shop buy some fish food, later can let the kids feed the fish. They like to feed fish, especially my son. He always said want to feed fish when we go 1 Utama shopping. Actually, near the fish pool got 1 counter to sell a pack of RM 2 fish food but it just on Saturday and Sunday.

After feed the fish, we just go around walk walk then about 2.15 pm we went home. Because is the time the kids napping, so we go back earlier. Actually is late, usually we reached 1 Utama at 11am then go home at 1.30 pm.

Very happy saw them run around, but the Mid Valley part make us not much mood.Very scare to go there anymore, because of that we seldom go Mid Valley (I think more then half a year).

p/s : will post the photos later because 1+2dad using the other pc now, cant edit the photos.


Zara's Mama said...

You really kaki shopping.. celebrate anniversary also must go shopping one. :P

Mid Valley really bad one hor? Always jam jam jam.

Sheryl said...

Haha..yes Mid Velley is always crowded..traffic jams...Especially during Public Holidays, school holidays...I don't remember when was the last time I went there...XD..Too long ago...As you see, Sunway Pyramid are just walking distance from my hubbie's house..we rather go there. Sometimes we will go to 1Utama when I really want to shop shop shop...cause SP nothing to shop la...

1+2mom said...

zara's mama, nolar just window shopping n let the kids have some fun in the shopping centre.

sheryl, no more Mid Valley for us..very scare liao. Sunway Pyramid not bad but we go there just to buy some computer part :P nothing to shop there.

Sheryl said...

Haha...a nightmare for you to go Mid Valley again..yeah..for me too..