Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Terrible girl using toilet & toilet paper

Last time my first job was a data entry clerk in a welding firm, I have a colleague she got a very bad habit that she using toilet for more then 10 min each time she going in.

I dunno why she used a toilet for such a long time, I dun think that toilet got very nice smile or gold inside. It just a very simple toilet.

We very scare she go toilet when we need to use it urgently, because need to wait for so long and the other toilet is especially for boss so no other toilet can share.

Some more she can used 2 rolls toilet paper for 3 days by herself, yes only her. My boss wife always ask us why the toilet paper so fast finish, we dun dare to let her know because my colleague is her son girlfriend.

I remember last time we got company trip to Pulau Redang for 3 days 2 night, my supervisor (my boss sister) and another colleague are same room with her got so many complain about her.

She told us at the next day there, she can shower for more then an hour and didn’t border about other for waiting her so long to use the bathroom. My supervisor and colleague stand outside the room just wait her shower and without let they going in the room for an hour and they haven’t shower yet after snookering back and having their buffer lunch.

Wait till she came out all of the male finish and my supervisor just ate biscuit and drink Milo only. She very annoying and let us know she can finish all the toilet paper (each room got 2 rolls for the trip) without left any for them. I just pass 1 roll for her and let her know me and my boyfriend (my hubby now) even can’t finish a roll in a day. I can’t imagine how she used those 2 rolls of the toilet paper?

She is my only friend I meet in my life that have such a terrible habit, dunno why my boss son can tahan her some more now already became his wife.


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Anonymous said...

wow... imagine how many places u can wipe with the toilet roll but using finished within short period.. thts weird.