Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Best Friend and I

I meet my best friend (I call her Cheah) at secondary school but we just were 3 yrs class mate but we still keep contact each other. After we leave school, we have our life each other. I got boy friend first then she is. I married earlier then her about half a year.

Few months later, we are pregnant together but our baby is half month difference. We share our pregnancy together too, each time she had checkup she will call me about her update so do I (cause we checkup at difference hospital). Till I deliver my baby boy with one week earlier then my due date and she deliver her baby girl with one week later then her due date, so both of our baby just difference one month. When both of our baby born , we also share our baby milestone

One year later, I had pregnant again. I ask my husband :”this time dunno who else will pregnant together with me ler? Cause last time my best friend accompany me mar!” I told the good news to my best friend, she congratulate me. Half month later she calls me and told me she had pregnant too, wow both of us very happy. My other best friend too (I all her Ng) call me she also had pregnant. 3 of us many thing very ngam, all of us husband are the same age and also same age with us, Cheah mother also same age with my mom. Now we pregnant in the same time and our baby due date are at the same month, but this time I got twins girls but my other 2 friends got baby boy.

We are same age, pregnant in the same time but check back to the Chinese Boy Or Girl Chat we should having baby girl but why my friends got baby boy so I 100% sure that the chat not so accurate.

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