Friday, February 25, 2005

House-hold chore

Now a day so many girls dunno how to cook, some also dunno how to do house-hold chores too.

My auntie she is really a ‘qian jin xiao jie’, that time we have chat she told me when she at secondary school she dunno need to sweep the floor first b4 mop the floor and she didn’t wash her shoes b4 too, it all done by her house maid.

Cause many family had a maid at home so their children didn’t have chance to learn do house chore and parents may told them this is the maid job so they no need to do it.

Remember last time saw the Singapore movie I think call the ‘xiao hai bu ben’ 小孩不笨 inside got 1 rich child got kidnap he call the bad guy do all the thing include make a drink for him and put the kaya to the bread for him. The bad guy asks him you dunno how to do ar? The kid told him my mum said this is the maid job I no need to do it. LOL !This movie really very funny.

When I was at secondary school, I study at girl’s school. At form 3, we had cooking class. All of us really very love the cooking class, after finish the cook we usually share to each other and test the taste of the food. I still remember that time, really very happy to attend the cooking class compare to other class.

I help my mum do the house chore when I still in primary school. Me and my elder sister will help her wash the cloth, dish, vegetable… ect and clean the house. (my mum got 3 daughters – me, the eldest and 2 more younger sister. My elders sister just younger me 364 days cause her birthday 1 day earlier then my birthday – she’s on 11th Nov and mine on 12th Nov, so usually we celebrate our birthday together).
Very thank you to my mum that had train us to do hours chore, so now its no problem to me to handle the house chore after I married to my hubby and his family (HEHE! Cause I stay with them so I married with his family too).

Before having children, I was the chef at home. Now need to take care 3 of them, so I pass the job to my MIL. My MIL told me she rather cooking better then takes care of the kids. She said now a day children very active, she had no energy to chase them follow them up and down.

I sure will train my kid to do house chore no matter is boy or girl, so next time I got so many helper. Specially my son, if next time got wife he also need to help his wife to do all the housework. Because my hubby dunno how to do house work, he all depends on his mum or me. My MIL very regret when my hubby young he didn’t train him to do housework, if not now he can help her and me to do some house work lor.

My MIL now tries to train my son to help her do some house chore like when she cooking, my son like to help her wash the vegetable. After he washes the vegetable, he will pull the water and use broom to sweep the floor. Hope when we grow up he will be a very good helper.

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