Thursday, February 03, 2005

My toddler son

This time I wanna blog about my son. He is 2 yrs 9 mth now, and loves his pair of twin’s sisters very much. He wont let any stranger to carry his sisters, maybe he scare no one will play with him when his pair of twins sisters gone.

Remember when my first time pregnant, our family very happy cause I hard to get pregnant even thought we had married about 1 yr plus. Then few month later we know it was a baby boy, we feel happier (my dh is the only son in his family).

Look back to his photo album, found out he really got so many photo. The time he bathing, eating, breastfeeding, crawling, etc… Check back to my twins girls, so poor that miss so many moment didn’t take it down something like breastfeeding, massage for them and their hands too. Maybe because of first time mummy likes to note down the entire baby milestone and take so many photos to keep in the memory.

My son milestone :

3 ½ month - know to turn back
4 month - crawling like worm and learn to sit
5 ½ month - know to crawl and learn to stand
5 ¾ month - claim the staircase and open hand need ppl carry
6 month - know to stand and start toilet train
6 ½ month - know to hold the sofa and walk
7 month - teething and sit steel
8 ½ month - know to come down from the bed by himself and know to
call "ma ma"
9 month - start teething for teeth no.5
9 ½ month - know singing, call “ba ba”, said ‘nian nian” and push the
small box to claim to sofa
10 month - know to walk 2 steps without holding his hand
11 month - start teething for teeth no. 7 & 8
11 ½ month - know to stand up and walk
12 month - understand what you want him to take

When he is baby I talk to my hubby” ahh... dunno when our son will play with us and talk to us like other toddler ler?” My hubby answers me”the time will come very soon.” I said “You can imagine that 3 of us can play together and talk together, it was a very funny and happy thing in my life.” Yap, now my son can talk 2 type of language which is mandarin and English. He will talk to me, hubby and his sisters in English but to my in-law he will talk mandarin. Sometime both of us will fight each other, the thing I dun give him play he can say so many excuse to me. Like yesterday I show him the clock can singing when put the batteries inside because of the clock put in the bedroom and it will sing each hours so I take off the batteries. After his nap, he wants the clock singing but I let him know the clock no sound and spoiled. He answer me said “ just now the clock singing, got sound lar” I reply “no more sound, just now spoiled already” my son said again “put batti inside got sound lar, clock can singing.” You see, when he dunno how to talk, you are so worry. Now he know how to talk make me headache.

This is my son one month old hand.

This is my son 2 yrs old hand.

This is he 2 months old photo,still a little baby.

This is he 2 yrs old photo,handsome boy oledi lor.

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