Saturday, July 15, 2006

Learn Chinese

My son dun like to talk Manderin nowadays. Dunno why but he wont let both of us talk Manderin with him too. He said we just can talk English with him but mar mar can talk Manderin with him. I said why you didn’t answer Manderin with her?? He just smiles and walks away.

I was a Manderin teacher for kiddy so I decided to teach him Manderin by myself early. (His school no Manderin lesson at the moment, they will start when 5 years old). He can remember the words I teach him just one time, so I teach the gals together too.

I just start let them learn三字经”(san zi jing) they can pick up so fast. Now they almost can remember all the words at the 1st topic. If I not working as a teacher, I think I’ll be lazy to let them learn 三字经”(san zi jing) cause few months ago I want to start but lazy till I notice my son start dun like Manderin so I teach him and my gals together.

I notice the kids start late to learn Manderin they will very hard to pick up. Some of my 6 years old students didn’t remember some simple words like (cow), (goat), (cat), (dog). They dunno which is which. (those at home just speak English and mother father didn’t let them revision at home). For my opinion, if want to go Chinese school, the kids must be hardworking cause they have a lot of writing to write. It not like English or bahasa just needs to rearrange 26 alphabets only, but Manderin need so many lines to be a words.

Hope my kids wont tell me they dun like Manderin. My class got 2 students told me they dun like Chinese, but they have to go Chinese school next year so poor of them. They dun like the Chinese till they dunwan do homework ler. Somemore both of them are Indian Mix, but their sibling all are in Chinese school now.


荦怡 said...
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荦怡 said...


AsleyLee said...

You can try 中华字经 too, i know nowadays there are lot of kindergartens in KL implementing this to children.

1+2mom said...

i also scare them dun like chinese so i start now when i notice they dun like it, hope it wont late :)

hui sia,
i think they can finish the 'san zi jing' are very good already..but some of them seem dun like it :(

IMMomsDaughter said...

Aiyo, u make me feel so guilty :( Gonna send Ryan to chinese primary school and he is a pretty pazy fellow. I don't really care what his results are as long as he has some knowledge of Chineselah, fail Chinese also nevermind. What a bad example!

荦怡妈咪 said...

not easy to be a mother.
Joelle can speak and understand mandarin,
now i worry that she unable communicate with other.(in singapore most of the ppl speak english.)

Zara's Mama said...

I'm also worried Zara doesn't like Mandarin.. actually I'm not doing my part.. b'cos I didn't talk to her in Mandrin.. My Mandarin is so bad ler.. tough for me also.

Jesslyn said...

Must find out why he dislike mandarin, then only u can solve your problem.

My old folks are funny, they prefer they grandkids speak mother tongue, becos they claim in school no one will teach them speak those language! :P..come to think of's true too!

1+2mom said...

wah like that also can ar???You not scare ryan dun like to study anymore??

yalor, we are mother scare so many things..hehe. Scare them not enough eat lar,scare them get sick lar..ect. Not easy to be mother.

zara's mama,
congratulation on your 2nd pregnancy :P nvm they will learn at school just need to revision more at home when start school :)

he not dun like Manderin just dunwan to speak cause his dunno how to use the word.
If my IL can speak with them in mother tongue then good lor, learn one more language goos mar :)

Allyfeel said...

I am too worried that bb doesn't like Mandarin and worse case is my MIl think it's okay. *Faint*

I started teaching him some simple words before he dose off at night. Some simple words like father, mother, grand parents...etc. Hope he will pick up soon. He switched off when I try teaching him the 三字经. *sigh*