Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thumb and pacifier sucking

Saw Zara’s mama post about weaning Zara from thumb sucking. I’m very lucky that I dun have this type of problem. They dun have this type of bad habit, but they like to dick nose (hope can wean them off this habit too).

My son case, because of he is breastfeed baby (6 months) so he dun like to suck pacifier. I try so many type of pacifier but fail to let him suck, cause 1 of my friend told me that if dun let him suck pacifier he will suck his thumb. Later his thumb will be not nice and very hard to wean off. If using pacifier, you can just throw the pacifier but if suck finger you cant cut off the finger.

Everytime i saw my son put his finger into his mouth I’ll pull it out and tell him dun do that, it was very dirty to put finger inside the mouth. I just keep on pull out his finger till he dun like to suck finger. Sometime I just let it be cause he will keep changing suck his all finger, if he keep on sucking the same finger I’ll pull it out.

For my twins, I’ll let them use pacifier (cause I breastfeed them just 2 months plus). Sometime they suck till the next morning when they just few months old. So I decided to wean off when they about 9 months old. First few days were tough, after that they can sleep without it. In my opinion, if can wean off b4 1 year old are grate cause they still young cant ask you for the pacifier so can wean off easily.

So do the same, I start let them sleep by their own when they turn 1 year old (I mean no need to cuddle or hug them), it work for 3 of them. After 1 year old, when they finished their milk they will play awhile and fall asleep by their own. If I dun do that, I dunno how to carry 3 of them sleep in the same time..haha.

I dun like to see my kids like other kids at shopping center, they sucking their pacifier just like at home. I saw some of the kids suck pacifier or thumb too much till their teeth no nice. My friends show me their kid’s thumb which was so flat and their front teeth come out. She the one at first call me dun give baby suck pacifier, cause the same reason teeth no nice. Later, she told me better let baby suck pacifier cause very hard to wean off..haha..i didn’t follow what she said. I try my method, it work.


shoppingmum said...

My boy is one thumb sucking fan, and my baby's starting to suck her fist like crazy too. Well, it's really stressful trying to stop them when they're only babies as they need suckling to sleep and they don't have pacifier (bf babies).
My MIL said it's ok for them to suck, and they'll outgrown the habit when they're ready. Nowadays, my boy still sucks to sleep, but if it's hurt, he won't suck much. I've no idea when he'll stop this habit yet.

荦怡 said...

虽然我没such thumb的习惯但我的手指并不好看,

Egghead said...

hehe... luckily my son dun suck both pacifier and thumb... but he still suck his mother's breast :(

Jesslyn said...

I dont think digging nose can be so addicted gua, u can remind them constantly, then by no time, they will stop.
but for thumb sucking really difficult to wean ler, now i hv one at home (Wine)! :(

Jesslyn said...

Opps, type wrong name...should be Wien!

miche said...

i also got one thumb sucker. my 2nd girl but she sucks her index finger. when she was less than a year old, she always fall sick especially when she started crawling. she got mouth infection once. tried giving her pacifier but she doesnt want. i feel, children who sucks their thumb/finger is easier to care. just give them their bantal busuk, they will suck their thumb and falls asleep.

AsleyLee said...

I'm happy too as it was easy to wean of Jo's pacifier and thumb sucking. He can sleep with his own too without singing, cuddling and patting. Maybe i never did these since he was a baby.

1+2mom said...

yea, is really very hard trying to baby sucking their thumb. keke..i'm a bad mother to let them stop early.

不会疼吗? 拔到流血.

wei..your son help you save lot of money lor. You can buy more toy for him and he very cleaver boy, know to choose the best for himself.

i heard 1+2dad cousin daughter (6 years old) also very like pacifier, her mum try to wean off but she cry till no day no nite. Somemore she so cleaver till go wash the pacifier when her mum put something to it.

very headache when kids like sucking thumb cause they can put it into their mouth anytime.

hui sia,
you are so lucky that had a very easy takecare boy :)

荦怡 said...


Zara's Mama said...

Lucky you.. all your kids no sucking habit.
I find a kid sucking thumb cuter than suckin gon pacifier, and also it's more natural (since they already began sucking thumb in the womb) that's why I let her suck her thumb.

For thumb, as long as you discontinue before 4yrs old, the teeth should be affected much. It's only when the habit is carried out to later stage.

Ricket said...

I also dunlike to see kids biting onto the pacifier in the shopping centres. very bad habit.

jazzmint said...

whoa ur girls so easy wean off pacifier. Mine is hooked to it like drugs!!!

1+2mom said...

kelian :(

zara's mama,
My friend's kids they will keep pushing their front teeth when sucking thumb, so their teeth not nice. Somemore the 2nd child saw the 1st child suck thumb, he follow what his sister both of them still sucking thumb till now :) (1st is 6 years old the 2nd is 5 yo this year)

yea, it should do it at home or when sleep..haha.
Thankz for drop by :)

wow..still sucking pacifier?? or just sleep time??

flowsnow said...

Haha..thumb sucking episode. Yes I read Zara's posting on thumb sucking. I have my comments too on thumb suckin and I totally agree with you. And I must share with you my `thumb'...yes look at it and it's a living testimony. I think I can put a ring on it too!
Click on this link and it will take you to my thumb : How Do you Put your kids to Sleep.

1+2mom said...

thankz for droped by :)
when my twins were babies i let them sleep first, i just pat them cause i cant carry 2 babies in the same time :) for my son i just leave it to my hubby.
Later they about 1 years old, i let them sleep by their own but i just beside them. If they keep crying non stop i will pat them a while. It just take few days, they will know mommy wont pat them to sleep anymore.

RZM said...

We reduced access to the pacifier for our two year old son. He could only have it at bed or nap times. Then we tried the "cold turkey" approach. He cried the first couple of nights and naps until he fell asleep. Shortly after, he stopped asking for it. We threw them away after a couple of weeks. We also read the book, "Branli Says Bye-Bye to Binky", at night.