Friday, June 30, 2006

I want read story book

Now a day, I’ve been very buzy with my job and my kids. My kids occupied all my time, I need to accompany them all day long
Everyday after school back to home, I need to feed my kids and myself. Accompany them watch TV program and nap. After wake up from nap, play with them. Later after taking dinner I bath them and we have fun with 1+2dad that is our family time whole day long.

Later about 10pm, it is time to sleep. Let them change and brush teeth then had their milk. After that, it is time to read story book for them. They like this section when I start read story for them, so everynite b4 sleep they want me to read story book for them. They learn so much word from there. It worth it to sacrifice my time to do my house work early right after they sleep. I took some time to read some book for them.

So now I less blog and blog hopping cause after I done my house work it about 12am and I need to prepare my lesson plan for my next day work.

Those story books I bought from a company call Grolier. They call me whether I want the book or not and it suitable for my twins. It just cost about RM 16.++ for 2 first steps to reading and 1 for parents guide to read. It cheap so I just ask them sends to me and my kids just love it so much. It was an alphabet story book and contents each alphabet for each book.

Later they call me whether to send the rest of the book, so I said continue and it can pay for 0 interest installment for 12 months. Not bad..hehe.

So everynite after milk they will call : “ mummy!!! I want read story book!!!” My son will count what alphabet we read until yesterday and continue which alphabet today. He start read the story book and tell me some story too. My gals they will told me the word when I point to that pic.

I’m so happy they start like reading, hope will keep this job and I already order few story book for them just need to wait few more weeks.


IMMomsDaughter said...

I also order from Grolier frequently. If they have your kids' data, they will also send you a discount voucher on their birthdays and you can offset them with the price of the books.

So good momlah u, do housework until midnite wor. I sleep when the kids sleep...ha ha

Egghead said...

I book for the 2nd hand first ah!!

薇薇 said...

hi, i am interested to buy books from Grolier. i am stay at Penang. What should i do to buy book from Grolier ?

Jesslyn said...

I ever receive few series from them too but i did not subscribe them. My house has many book now, is enough for them to read and see, if i subscribe again, then will be no space to keep!

Yeah, kids love to listen story, especially when u tell with full expression!

荦怡 said...

juz drop by to say Hello.......
i love the pix taken at Genting,
Gege、Jiejie so adorable, especialy the twin Jiejie!

mom2ashley said...

it's good that they are keen to read books!

Rachel said...

I also subscribe from them too, my son also love story book time, he vy cunning, hide few books under his pillow, when I finish 1, he will take out 1 again.

shoppingmum said...

I only got the Tell Me Why series from them, didn't have the story books. Maybe I should check it out...

1+2mom said...

yeameh??why my kids birthday didnt get any discount voucher wor??
nolar, have to do it cause next day morning need to go work no time to do mar.Somemore dunwan my MIL do so much house work, let her rest more.

errr..i think i'll keep it for my grandchildren..haha..sorry ar.

had leave message at your blog, thankz for drop by :)

yea they like those expression. AT first i also dunno how to tell story, luckily this story book got some pic between the sentences so they can read together with me.

welcome to my blog :) Those gor gor jie jie also like your pic and movie.

yea, you also can read for ashley too :)

wah that good lor he like it so much. Next time he sure like to read lots of books :)

they had so many kind of story book that suitable for our age kids ler. Like to 'sapu' all but cant read so much in one time..hehe.

Zara's Mama said...

Show the pix of the books la.. I remember Grolier book the illustration not very nice.. that's why I didn't buy, but I may be wrong. :P

1+2mom said...

zara's mama,
i wanted to show but my other pc just reformat the hard drive so cant post the pic of the books ler. My this pc sux, old and slow cant install too many program. Later i'll show the books.

Allyfeel said...

It's a good habit to cultivate. I must agree with you, they picked up words very fast.

I have few sets of story books, the "the 4 season, a story a day series", "things we do series". It was from my mother. She brought us when we were young. It can be kept for it's good investment. :)

1+2mom said...

my MIL also got few set of book but still not the time for my kids to read. I think it also can keep till my grandchildren to use..hehe..i hope i bought the book for my kids also can keep for the generations too.

wHOisBaBy said...

good to hear your kids love reading books. is a good habit to start early, especially if they show interest. GOOD JOB!

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