Wednesday, January 25, 2006


My son got lots of toys, include the free gift from Happy Meal from McD. Almost every week we bought 1 toy for him, if we didn’t buy he still got his free toys from McD.

His toys are every where, you can found it even at bathroom or in his daddy car. I kept his toys till everyday I argue with him who to keep toys. Finally I found 1 solution that I play a game with him see who can keep the toys faster. So from now on, every time keep toys need to keep with him and sometime I lazy help him keep together still got argument with him.

1+2dad always said why I so annoying when ask son keep the toys, why not let him play till at nite he slept then I go keep. I said I dun like the place massy, so need him keep the toys after he had play and can make it a good habit.

I also ask 1+2dad go keep toys if he play the toys with his son and his son dunwan to keep. Let him know not easy to keep toys form morning till nite.

Now the gals grow up and will fight for the same toys, we need to buy 3 set of the same toys for them. If 1 missing they fight for it, I will keep the toys if they dun wanna share each other or play together.

The old toys they didn’t play actually I need to keep but when I keep the toys my son saw it he said he still wanna play, or someday he remember he will ask me find out for him. So the toys still in the living hall, and mass up together keep in the corner.


Egghead said...

women always have a thing for neatness and cleanliness hor... LOL!

Zara's Mama said...

with kids.. every where in the house wll have their toys one ler.. like it or not..



don't worry- we are in the same boat. i tend to pick up my kiddies' toys every second of the day too. to make my life easier, i have storage for toys in the living room, in the bedroom, in the kiddies' room, practically everywhere.

1+2mom said...

egghead, i dun think you like the house like a big dustbin when you back from work..haha.

zara's mama, dun like it also cannot..LOL!!

two little fellas, i also had those storage every where include in the bathroom.. still very lazy to pick up the toys..hehe.

mom2ashley said... need to buy 3 sets of the same toy???

1+2mom said...

mom2ashley, yea..from now on i need to buy 3 sets of the same toy. If not they will fight till no day no nite when ever they saw that toy.

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