Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tomorrow go swimming

Wow..tomorrow we go Sunway Lagoon swimming, i think my kids are the most happier in the family espicially my son. This few month he no swimming lesson at nursery cause their swimming pool got problem, he very sad about this.

1+2dad decided to bring all of us go swimming tommorow, actually we plan about 1 week ago. My kids sure very happy and will blog about it this weekend if i'm free together with the photos too. Be patian and wait for me :P


Zara's Mama said...

wa, these few weeks really swimming season. Everybody bringing their little ones swimming. :P

shiaulin said...

hmm... holiday ya? so fun ya? after holiday come visit my blog and start to do ur routine check meme lah huh :P

Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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1+2mom said...

Zara's mama, yea..all the kids like water :P

shiaulin, sure will go visit your blog.