Friday, October 21, 2005

Kepong Blogger's Gathering

Last Saturday we been to Kepong Blogger's Gathering at Milwaukee Steak Corner, it was fun and happy. Happy cause can meet so many blogger and fun cause we celebrate Twinsmom birthday there.

Any detail can see at other blogger’s site like :
egghead , Jason , Twinsmon , willwolf ,zara’s mama and suzette .

Special thankz to Jason, you feed about half bowl of salad to time got chance I spend you back 1 bowl of salad too.(scare to said spend you 1 meal cause egghead said you can eat so much then I can pok gai {bankrupt} liao *joking nia, dun mad pls*).

My son had make a friend with willwolf son, they had a nice chat. I first time saw him so polite with other ppl, sorry Jason my son too active you got to find chance to talk and play with him next time.

For other blogger, I had no time to chat and say hi with them cause very buzy with my gals. Need to feed them and myself, then later need to follow them here and there.

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