Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Friends are every where

One of my friend ask me a question when she visit me sometime ago, she said : “ you just stay at home, will you still updated yourself??” Then, I answered her: “sure, I always surf net and read newspaper sure now what happened now a day and what new product coming up.”

Many ppl though we are SAHM sure just know to take care the kids and do house work but they didn’t know now got internet ler, can get many info from the net and now got blog too.

I meet so many new friends since I start join the MMB in the internet, then later blogging. I still can meet new friend even though I just stay at home, so happy when read the good new from other blogger and will sad with the blogger when get the bad news.

I like to have many friends, can chat can exchange the idea when stuck in the problem. But, maybe Malaysian all is so selfish so we didn’t have chance to meet the neighbors. Yes, we move to this house since 5 years ago but we just meet few neighbors only. One is my left side which are a Malay family and the other is opposite my house which are an old man and his non married daughter stay together with 4 doggie (now left 2 cause another 2 was died).

I still keep in touch with my old friends and ex-colleague with e-mail and sometime we call each other to chat, but really no time to chat for long cause the kids are around call for mummy or fight for the food and toys.


mom2ashley said...

wow...i admire you. a SAHM looking after your kids!. keep up the good work!

Jason said...

Friends are all around us. So true. Regardless of age and race. :D

King's wife said...

ya lah. some people think SAHM have lost touch with the world. All blur blur and dunno anything. They are soooo wrong.

I really hate it when I hear this..."so, you must have a lot of free time on your hands since you don't work." #%&*!~@

I feel like answering.."yes, i do nothing but sit there and dig my nose all day!"

m@®©o said...

good on you! nice job and nice blog! oh, wonderful babies too

1+2mom said...

mom2ashley, welcome to my blog :) No need admire, i also want to work ler cause got extra money to spend :P

jason, yea. No matter how far it is.

king's wife, first time saw you at my blog :P You are so true, ppl though we are very free at home. They dunno we need to do housework, feed, bath, play with the kids. They just though the kids can takecare themself so mother can 24 hours so free to do own thing.

mc, thankz and welcome too :)

Zara's Mama said...

I admire you also, can be SAHM. I wanted to, but financial burden too much.

After started blogging, I also feel like have more friends liao